Police say Kentucky mom Angela Litchfield knew her 15-year-old daughter planned to fight a fellow high school student at a local park.

But instead of trying to stop the violence, she was ready to cheer her daughter on, according to WPSD.

The fight went down at Benton City Park on February 26 and was captured on cellphone video by a bystander.

In the disturbing footage, Litchfield’s teen daughter can be seen beating another girl who appears to be her same age. Meanwhile, Litchfield cheered on her young daughter as she threw punches.

The mother repeatedly shouted encouragement to her daughter during the fight, saying things like “Don’t stop. Don’t let her go” and “Daddy’s gonna’ be proud of ya’.”

She also told the 15-year-old to “f*** up” the girl she was fighting, the Daily Mirror reports.

At what appears to be the end of the scuffle, Litchfield’s daughter held a chunk of the other girl’s ponytail and the mom declared her “victorious.”

Assistant Marshall County Attorney Jason Darnall told WPSD that the minute-long clip quickly started spreading throughout Marshall County High School.

And soon enough, the mother’s behavior caught the attention of local authorities.

On Wednesday, Litchfield was arrested and charged with third degree unlawful transaction with a minor.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office

According to Kentucky law, the charge can be brought against someone who “knowingly induces, assists, or causes a minor to engage in any other criminal activity.”

Litchfield has since been released on $2,500 bond and is scheduled to head to court on March 21. She faces up to a year in prison if found guilty.

Sadly, this isn’t the first instance of violence Marshall County High School has faced in recent months.

In January, 15-year-old student Gabriel Ross Parker opened fire at the school, killing two classmates and injuring over a dozen others.

He has since been charged with murder.

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