Gemma Andrews became the hostess for her family’s Christmas feast 10 years ago, but now she asking her family to pay to sit at her table.

The mother of four is ready to see some money from her guests after spending years of shopping and cooking for at least 16 people, a number that has gone up over the years as more kids are born, according to Romper.

Andrews explained on the British talk show “This Morning” she is asking her adult guests to pay her $40 for their meal after trying and failing to get her family to pitch in by bringing a dish for the meal:

“The very first year I opened my house to everybody, Christmas Eve I got it down by five people, putting my out-of-pocket for excess food. The next year, I tried doing the ‘bring a dish,’ come Christmas Eve, people were saying, ‘Oh, I forgot to get it,’ so on Christmas Eve on running around trying to find a bag of prawns.”

Now the amount of money she spends keeps increasing yearly as prices go up and the ages of people sitting at the table rise. She explained:

“The alcohol content has gone up as more children become adults, and there are more people who have had children.”

Cafe Mom reports Andrews doesn’t have the option of passing the meal responsibility off to someone else though because of her son’s severe food allergies:

“I have to control the cooking. He has so many allergies that I wouldn’t trust anybody else.”

The woman said her family doesn’t mind being charged for their food, but her holiday meal fee still got people riled up:

Some loved the idea though:

Others flat-out agreed with her:

She even managed to convince someone this was the way to go:

So who has the right idea about paying for Christmas dinner?

Watch Andrews explain why she thinks she is making the right call below:

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