A Wisconsin mom is facing charges after she allegedly left her two children without supervision — and gave a puzzling reason to police.

It started on March 26 around 10 a.m., when authorities were called to Tawanda Davis’ residence in Milwaukee by a public safety specialist, according to Fox6Now.

Police were informed that the 39-year-old’s two children, ages seven and two, had been left alone in the home “since sometime the night before” when she left.

It was unclear how long it’d been since the 2-year-old had eaten, but the 7-year-old said he hadn’t been fed since he was at daycare the day before.

Davis returned to the home where she was met by police.

In an interview, the mom admitted that she left the children alone around 11 p.m. the night before. According to Fox2Now, she told officers:

 “I just left. I was just out. I needed a minute to myself.”

Milwaukee Police Department

Davis also acknowledged that “she knew she messed up and that she was wrong.” Now, the mom is facing possible jail time.

She has been charged two counts of child neglect. One count specified that the child was under six years old.

It’s unclear if someone reported the mother for leaving her children alone.

Davis is no longer allowed to have contact with the two children without supervision. She will appear in court on April 5 for her preliminary hearing.

If you suspect child abuse is occurring in your area, you should contact your local child protective services office, according to the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Many states also have a toll-free number for reporting abuse. You can check your state’s number here.

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