Ms. Lin, a 27-year-old mother of two in Taiwan couldn’t figure out why her breast milk was vanishing.

She started trying to figure out why she was coming up short on the milk for her one-month-old daughter. And she didn’t have to look far, according to the Daily Mail.

Posted by 林路比 on Sunday, July 10, 2016

When the mother turned on her nanny cam, she caught a glimpse of her daughter’s nanny chugging on the infant’s bottle. This wasn’t the first time the woman had done it.

The Taiwan News reports that Lin had already had a run in with the 58-year-old nanny; she caught her finishing off a bottle of her milk. Lin allegedly told her:

“In the future, if my daughter is full, please feed the rest to my son!”

Lin decided to forgive and forget the nanny’s bottle sucking until her breast milk started to come up short again. And her nanny cam provided her with the proof she needed to catch the nanny red-handed.

The woman was helping herself to Lin’s infant’s bottle. The mother questioned the nanny when she found an empty bottle, asking if her daughter drank all of it, according to the Daily Mail. The mom said:

“She said yes but I couldn’t believe it, so I checked the CCTV.”

When Lin called the nanny out after watching her enjoy her breast milk that was meant for her daughter, the nanny snapped back at the mom:

“I only drank a little bit!”

The 58-year-old woman had another excuse for Lin. She allegedly told her that she drank the milk because she suffered from anemia, a blood disorder that causes iron deficiency. But as the Daily Mail reports, doctors suggest anemic patients actually drink smaller amounts of dairy products because the body has difficulty absorbing the iron from the calcium.

Posted by 林路比 on Sunday, September 17, 2017

As another defense, the nanny told Lin that other mothers didn’t have a problem with it. The Taiwan News wrote that she allegedly said:

“The previous mother I worked for let me take her breast milk home, and if the baby had not finished it, she would not make a big deal about it. She even said, ‘Auntie, if you are brave enough to drink it, then that’s OK.’ It really is one grain of rice that can feed a hundred people, I originally did not want to go to your home anyway.”

In turn, Lin defended her breast milk, and who it was meant for:

“Am I obligated to give you mother’s milk to drink? Wanting to leave some for my son is wrong?”

Lin had done a background check on the nanny before hiring her, but she later discovered another employer had some issues with the nanny as well, describing her as having an “old school mentality, not able to communicate, always selfish when caring for children.”

Lin found that out a little too late for herself, but she put out a warning for other parents, according to  the Taiwan News:

“Watch out for this nanny, do not let other families become victimized as well!”

The nanny was reported to the Social Affairs Bureau, and the mother claims the 58-year-old has moved on to work at a kindergarten.

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