Picking out a baby name is tricky business.

Even after you manage to settle on one, you’ll always have to deal with outside input from friends, family, or even strangers.

According to Reddit, one mom-to-be learned this the hard way when criticism from her family members caused her to snap.

A screenshot of a lengthy Facebook message from the mom, posted to the “InsanePeopleFacebook” subreddit, detailed why she was canceling her baby shower over the response to her unborn son’s name.

She couldn’t understand the uproar over her choice — Squire Sebastian Senator.

John Looy/Unsplash

The mom emphasized that he was to be called the full first name at all times, no nicknames allowed. She wrote:

This is the name I was meant to give him. This is how it will be. He will not be allowed to have a nickname, he is to be called by his full and complete first name… This name conveys power. It conveys wealth. It conveys success.

The baby boy’s name evidently wasn’t a hit with her family. She wrote that she “never knew family could be so judgmental” after they questioned her choice.

The mom continued:

No, I am not crazy. No, I am not mentally unstable. No, I was not drunk when I named my child. […] You cannot force me to change his name. This is the name I was meant to give him.


She said that she not only canceled her baby shower because of her family but that they were no longer allowed to be a part of his life. The expectant mom wrote:

You won’t get to be a part of my baby’s life and it’s all because you had to judge him.

The criticism she received for her son’s name is similar to an experience another mom had at an airport recently.

As Dearly previously reported, a mother with a 5-year-old daughter named “Abcde” slammed Southwest Airlines after an agent allegedly mocked the name.

The airline later issued an apology for the incident.

What do you think of the name Squire Sebastian Senator? Let us know in the comments.

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87 Replies to “Mom Cancels Baby Shower After Family Asks if She Was ‘Drunk’ While Naming Son”

  • Nick Tsambassis 1 year ago

    Hey, if that’s the name she chose to give him, that’s her choice; it’s better than some of the names I’ve seen lately. I probably would have done the same thing if I was in her shoes.

    • Kathleen Kozlowski 1 year ago

      That poor kid. He’ll never be able to bubble in his first name on any form because no form will have that many bubbles for a first name. He’ll never find his first name on anything at any souvenir shop. He’ll constantly have to explain that all 3 names, even though they’re separated, are 1 first name. And can you imagine when he gets called at the doctor’s office or jury duty? Think about what that kid will go through every first day of school.

      • Glenn 1 year ago

        “every first day of school”? You mean the crap that he’ll get for LIFE or, at least, until he’s old enough to change his name legally. His mother’s is a complete and utter moron!

        • Anonymous 1 year ago

          Completely agree!

        • Sheree 1 year ago

          This woman really does not get it! This poor child will get shit all his life because his mother made a poor, selfish choice!!!!! Nobody has three first names!!!!!!! Why would she want to do something so insensitive and not in the child’s best interest!!!

          Please reconsider!!!!

          • Anonymous 1 year ago

            I agree. some people don’t think about the way society is these days and how this poor kid will be bullied….least put Sebastian as his first name. there are soooo many ways to already make fun of this kids name….:( ugh please don’t punish your child

      • Anonymous 1 year ago

        I was thinking the same thing! He won’t ever be able to fill in his correct first name on many forms!

      • Anonymous 1 year ago


  • Brett 1 year ago

    Well, you didn’t do him any favors when he has to write his name out every time. Especially on government forms and legal documents. Different isn’t always better.

  • Kevin 1 year ago

    This mom is so self absorbed it’s disgusting. Just reading her comments you can tell she thinks the world revolves around her. Hate to tell her this but at some point his friends will give him a nickname whether she likes it or not. What pops into mind is square.

    • Racecar 1 year ago

      Agreed !!!

  • far left lib nut job 1 year ago

    don’t name your kid chitface wumpum

    and you won’t be judged

  • Leah 1 year ago

    Name isn’t so bad but making them call him by the full name is ridiculous and whether she likes it or not friends or people in school or life will shorten it.

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      I agree it will get shortened at school. Not too many children are going to belt all that out on the playground. I agree is isn’t that bad but using all 3 names as a first name is a little over the top..

  • Bunny 1 year ago

    Typical of the stupidity and low class mentality all around us(see language aimed at her own family.)

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      I totally agree. Disrespecting your family is totally rude and so wrong. I am sure there concern is for the child who will have to endure that name for the rest of his life.

      • Ed 1 year ago

        The kid will dump the name the second he hits school, and legally do it on his 18th birthday.

  • A grandmom 1 year ago

    I hope that’s just your hormones talking because, in my opinion, there is either more to the story or you are over reacting.
    Will your advice to your son be to cut off everyone who voices an opinion different than his?
    You will not only be robbing your family and friends of sharing your joy and pride but will also be robbing your son of a relationship with people who will love him.

    • Sheree 1 year ago

      Very true

  • Pamela Balcom 1 year ago

    Leave all profanity out for a stronger argument. His chances of turning out well will exponentially increase if his mother can control her language. I named my daughter Mamie and I was ridiculed but I marched on, and eleven years later, people love it.

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      Fan of the Eisenhower’s?

      • Anonymous 1 year ago

        Probably of Mamie Stover.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Hate to inform her, they are not judging her unborn baby. They are judging the name. Now Sebastian Squire would be a cool name. She is setting this kid up to be picked on and more than likely he will give himself a nickname.

  • Richard R Kuzdak 1 year ago

    The friends & family who criticized the babys name publicly behind the mothers back were wrong, but they weren’t judging the baby, they were sharing their negative opinion of the name which the baby had nothing to do with. Mom may love the name but that doesn’t mean every one has to like it, only respect it. If mom wants to cut anyone off who doesn’t that’s her choice. However parents have to realize the consequences of a name. If everyone is expected to address her son by a 3 word first name it will most assuredly cause social issues with their son. Whether mom excepts the fact we live in a sometimes cruel & opinionated world is her choice. If family & friends criticize what do expect from everyone else? If mom doesn’t care about what she can’t control & the negative results on her son that’s on her.

    • Masterredfox 1 year ago

      What parents fail to realize in trying to give their child a unique name is what the child will face in life having to deal with constant reactions to name. This mother may have seriously thought out this name as a personal idea especially since the initials are SSS but she better be prepared to be very comfortable with developing a good comfort response to her child as support from the ridicule. She needs to think beyond the notion that she’s right about the name and she will do as she wants because it is her child who has to deal with the name.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    So what’s his middle name?

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    I believe Mom might be a little nuts. She is claiming that her family is talking :shit: about an unborn child. In reality they are talking shit about her and her ignorant choice for a name. She might as well name him Liontamer. I have a right to talk. My grandfathers name was Govenor

    • Racecar 1 year ago

      I think you are right about the mom !!

  • Susan 1 year ago

    This little boy will be pummelled by his peers. And if they are ruthless enough and his skin isnt thick enough, he will rebel against society or become a withering wall flower. Names can make or break us. Regardless of the intent or goodwill behind the names chosen for us, its a long journey to adulthood. I pray that he survives that name.

  • Hal 1 year ago

    I’m guessing, that by his 2nd grade school year, this poor boy’s classmates will give him the nickname “Squirrel”. Hopefully someone can soon knock some sense into the scrambled brain of this lower class expectant mother.

  • H Thompson 1 year ago

    Calling your child by any one of these names is beautiful especially since they run in her family but forcing people to only call him by all three is asking a lot. Also kids at school will call him by only one so hope the mother realizes this.

  • Craig Murphy 1 year ago

    Why not simply name him Pretentious?

    • Anonymous 1 year ago


  • Bill 1 year ago

    One has only one first name. The others are middle names. Too bad conception can occur without a license.

    • Glenda 1 year ago

      agreed! Just because you can doesn’t mean you should!

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Unfortunately, that is the name she will give him. Yes, he will be ridiculed throughout his life for having an unusual name, as people can be cruel. People are going to shorten his name when called upon, because it’s too long for a first name. I’m sure he will also have a standard he will have to live up to. Let’s hope he is the success that the mother is dreaming of.

  • T 1 year ago

    This mother is incredibly naive if she thinks she’s doing her son any favors. She’s setting him up to be bullied throughout his childhood by kids who will not see him through the lense of power or success, nor will they understand how he got such a name. This seems to be rather narcissistic on her part and not very loving. Children who are bullied day in and day out grow up with major self esteem, anger, and control issues. They often become narcissists to defend against this. Others go the opposite direction and become depressed and even suicidal. I hope she’s prepared for the problems she’s creating now and the expense of therapy she’ll be paying for over the next 18 years. It seems she’s using her son as a shield to get her own need for self esteem fulfilled. I hope she gets some professional help before she gives birth and sets him up for failure. Her family & friends may not have delivered their feedback appropriately, but if this is the way adults react she should recognize the reaction will be much worse from his peers – and the heartache she now feels from them will be magnified a thousand fold for him. If she truly wants him to be successful she will not set him up for failure from the beginning. Instead she will raise him to be a loving person with Godly character – who loves the Lord, has a balanced & healthy love of self, and a love for others. Then others will respect him, he will be a true success, and he will go far.

    • Cara 1 year ago


  • Alyssa 1 year ago

    YES she IS crazy, YES she IS mentally unstable. Whoever said that about her was only speaking the truth. Poor child! I feel bad for him. To force everybody to call him by all 3 names every time they address him is completely ridiculous. This lady is off her rock!

    • Diane 1 year ago

      Good grief, mom!!! You’re having a baby: GROW UP! You sound like a 5 year old that’s having a tantrum. You’re wrong, your family is only concerned and you’ve already managed alienate your child. SNAP OUT OF IT!

  • Janis 1 year ago

    Crazy lady. Poor kid.

  • aurora 1 year ago

    yeah, just wait until non-family like parents of school friends get a hold of it. she’s going to be telling the rest of the world to f-off for the rest of his life!

  • John gagliano 1 year ago

    How exactly does she plan to prevent him from having a nickname? Why do people do this to their children? Selfish reasons.

  • James Williams 1 year ago

    Doesn’t the dad have any say in matters or was he kicked out after conception?

    • Rebecca 1 year ago

      We have to wonder. She’s thoroughly stuck on this thinking that a 3 part name can convey more than her selfish antics. She’s canceling his stardom and the poor kid hasn’t breathed a breath yet. And, if you think that she gave some of her family hell over this, the poor kid might be up for some residual argument when disagreeing with his own stuck in the mud mother. Also wonder what else she has planned for him? Praying for everyone that GOD changes some hearts and calms the hormones.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    No one is judging the baby, they are judging how ridiculous this mother is and trying to get through to her before it is too late. She is an idiot.

  • nancy keyes 1 year ago

    What a nitwit…no one has shamed the baby here as she claims. The child has nothing to do with her ridiculous name for him. This is all on mom. Oh, we will shorten it for you, you can take that to the bank. So will his peers but I hate to think what they will do with that name. Too bad she’s
    so self absorbed…

  • M Rod 1 year ago


    His nickname.

    Whether she likes it or not!

    Crazy. Bat guano Crazy.

  • Kathryn McKinney 1 year ago

    Not only is this mother extremely selfish, she is forcing her child to endure a lifetime of pain. One can make a statement without forcing a poor child to have be the one who pays.

  • Carole 1 year ago

    She complains that people judge against her baby’s name and then she immediately does the same thing with babies named Joshua, Brian, Sam, Nick, etc.! What we have is yet another double standard. Her belief – You can agree with me or you can be WRONG! And, most important, she doesn’t even realize that she is doing exactly what she is criticizing others for doing. Look in the mirror. Then you might want to reconsider your email and your decision. Maybe next time you will think before you speak or write or act Just a suggestion.

  • Twinkietoes Thumblebottom 1 year ago

    She absolutely has the right to name the child whatever she wants, regardless of how stupid the name is. However, the family members and everyone else around who hear the name absolutely have the right to their opinion, and their right to free speech, which means they can judge. Yes, people can judge you. If they don’t like your hairstyle, your attire, your sexual preference, they have the absolute right to judge you. Aloud. Sorry, reality sucks sometimes. Then again, it is your right to ignore them.

  • Ellen 1 year ago

    What a classless, clueless, immature, selfish mother to be. People will call him Squire, not his entire name. I can guarantee the child will question his mother’s name choice when he gets older. He will be teased about his name as kids are mean. You have a lot of growing up Mom to be.

  • Ang 1 year ago

    Hope this does not give the child a life time of bullying.

  • Anyone 1 year ago

    Poor kid. Idiot mom

  • David Dunn 1 year ago

    Right up there with Le-a (pronounced Le dash a) Mother was always mad telling people “The dash is not silient!!”

  • David Freeze 1 year ago

    First off…Squire and Senator are titles…not names. Unless he has some connection to British royalty, Squire is out. Senator is just ridiculous…but Sebastian I think would be a pretty cool name. Unusual, yes for this day and age. But still ok. But the rest of the idiocy needs to go. He’ll be 10 years old before he can say his WHOLE first name because mommy demands it. And what control does she have over what kids are going to call him…”No nicknames and his full name ALL the time”…that’s just crazy. But, as it has be posted here, she’s his mother and can name him what she wants. My EX once interviewed a truck driver for the company she worked for whose name was Depressed Jones. She had to ask him where his mother got “Depressed” from. He told her that he was her fifth child out of wedlock and she was “Depressed” about having to raise another child….LOL! BTW> I’d like to know what the father thinks about his future son’s name!!

    • David Freeze 1 year ago

      I didn’t know my full name would come up when I posted but yes…my REAL last name is FREEZE…and yes…I was brutally made fun of growing up but it was my last name. By the time my kids got to school it was a “cool” last name (no pun intended)! My oldest daughter’s name is Crystal and she called into her favorite morning radio show when she was 16 and won some concert tickets. When she told the radio guys her name, they said it was cool and sounded like it should be the name of a new flavor of Gatorade or something…LOL!!

    • Debbie 1 year ago

      Way back when Squire was a name. Daniel Boone had a brother named Squire.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Child abuse plain and simple! Mom you have to have delusions of grandeur!

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    I agree with David, if she is into unusual names perhaps she should change HER name. She should give that child a chance and name him Sebastian Squire, middle names can be all sorts of different things for alot of different reasons, but for God’s sake drop the Senator until he actually becomes one.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    If she denies his family the relationship with him she is setting herself to be denied later in life. What goes around comes around. He will blame her for the never ending ridicule he will face and the fact that he did not receive or was not able to give love to the rest of his family, which may have eased some of the burden for which she is signing him up. A mother tries to ease the path in life for her children. She tries to teach them how to grow into viable adults able to make their own way in the world. This child will be handicapped at birth, and it will be her doing. But by the time he understands this he will be well aware of her self absorbed lifestyle. We won’t know the outcome, but I would not be surprised if he left her never to return.

  • Dee 1 year ago

    There’s a line in “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” that goes “He’d never get out of first grade if he had to write all that!” I don’t have a problem with the names as long as you’d have to only call him Squire, or Sebastian, or even Senator (setting him up for an ego bigger than life). The rest is ridiculous. I wonder, if that’s his first name, what’s his middle name? And I’ll bet he’ll have a hyphenated last name, too.

  • Sandy Buxton 1 year ago

    My maiden name was Klaus (rhymes with house), but people always pronounced it Claus (as in Santa). My first name is Sandy! Imagine all the embarrassment and harassment I endured because my parents chose to stick me with that name! At least I got to get rid of it when I got married. I tell all people who want to give their kids unusual and laughable names to just name their kid “I hate my parents”….because, trust me, they will!

  • Richard 1 year ago

    It’s the mother’s right to call the child anything she wants. It’s her family’s right to question her sanity and it’s her child’s right to hate her for ruining his life before it was even born.

    • Rebecca 1 year ago

      Very well said and to the point. POOR BABY!!

  • Al Nonamous 1 year ago

    While the mother can name her child whatever she wants (assuming that the father agrees if he is in the picture), that does not mean she is free from criticism for that name choice. Sounds like a self absorbed, self important toad. A three word first name? Please, your kid might be special to you, he ain’t all that special and a ‘special’ name won’t change that. All you do is set him, and you up for heartbreak.

  • Liesel Smith 1 year ago

    I have to marvel at this woman. The name isn’t the worst. Not at all. However, insisting that it be used in entirety at all times is foolish. But, what astounds me most is that she believes the criticism and negativity is directed toward her unborn child, when it all belongs solely to HER.

  • Margie 1 year ago

    First, the mother needs to clean up her language. Using four letter words shows her ignorance.
    Second, it will be extremely problematic when filling in documents; he’ll never have his first name seen in its entirety.
    Third, he will constantly face critical looks and comments with every new encounter. That is not character developing,
    Last, the mother’s friends and family are not judging the baby; they are simply loving the baby and it’s mother enough to speak up before the little boy has to endure years of torment.

  • Kay 1 year ago

    Picking a child’s name is such a paramount decision – it is for life. One thing I will always remember reading when I was trying to decide on a name for my first child is “never pick a name that could embarrass them during their life”. I remember the embarrasment I felt when I started a new class every year when they heard my last name. I would never want my child, or any child, to go thru that. PLEASE, think about your child’s feeling and don’t start his life off like that,

  • Emily 1 year ago

    As a busy mother she is not going to have the time to say all 3 names every time. I read (I believe it was in Reader’s Digest) an item about how to name your child. Go to the back door and call your child’s name three times. Then decide if you want to do that until the child is 18.

  • Kenneth Coons 1 year ago


  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Sebastian Squire is cool , but that Senator !! UGH! that is a title !! so is Squire!! and 3 names for just his first name ?? seems silly to me

  • J 1 year ago

    This mother is a few thousand different ways of stuffed in the bloody head a million times over! This poor child’s life is going to be a living hell from day one, heck it already is & he hasn’t even been born. He’ll be bullied in ways unimaginable. I question if she truly loves him at all, looks like he’s being used as a pawn to fuel her narcissism & need to control everything, even what others think & feel!

    She is a pretentious git. This attitude of alienating everyone who shows a modicum of concern for this poor unborn child’s wellbeing speaks volumes as to what kind of person she is.

    Look I understand she’s hurt but she’s being closed minded, childish & immature! The only person she’s truly going to make suffer is her son. The hell he’s going to suffer through & his loneliness is going to be unbelievable & she’ll only have herself to blame!

    My heart goes out to this poor child & her family. The suffering she’s causing because of her pretentious ego is quite sickening. Her son’s wellbeing doesn’t even feature in her mind. She’s unrealistic.

    She strikes me as the kind of person who will use her son as a weapon to try manipulate others. I know someone like that & her child is unliked, she’s despised & friendless. A unrealistic, narcissist to the core & a curse to all unfortunate to know her. Her son has no real lasting relationships with any of his family members. It’s just tragic.

    I sound mean, I know but I’m not, I’m blunt & brutally honest by nature.

    I love unique names but would never go to this extreme!

  • Pat Copenhaver 1 year ago

    Her family isn’t judging that poor little baby. They’re judging her. That is one crazy person.

  • Debra 1 year ago

    Most kids don’t like their names, no matter if it’s plain or “different”. The kid will hate her for life.

  • Rita R Buehler 1 year ago

    No one is judging your baby. They are judging a mother who would saddle a child with a name that will have him questioned, bullied and generally ridiculed. Your should check all the names of the squires and senators that you have said were in your family history. Most of the squires/senators would have a last name attached, “Squire Adams, Senator Smith. The only person you are thinking of is yourself. Really think of yourself going through life as
    Lady Duchess Queen. No nicknames

  • Susan Brown 1 year ago

    No wonder she don’t get it. If what she said is true family and friends did not say anything about her baby. They was talking about her not the baby. She needs to get used to people talking about her because of what she named her baby. I’ve heard lots of crazy names these days and not once did I have anything to say about the baby but I said it about the mother lol.

  • Virginia White 1 year ago

    Poor child, I can not imagine the teasing and bullying he will have to endure.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    The name is fine..but her reaction is rather immature and childish. Especially the end of the message.. no wonder her family thinks she’s mental, she sounds like she’s 11

  • Carole Barrett 1 year ago

    My first name is Elizabeth. That was a tough one at 5 years old to learn to spell and write. This poor boy will never master that mess before he reaches middle school. She is being cruel to this child. I ditched Elizabeth because it was always changed to Liz, Lizzy, Bett Betty, Beth, Liza Eliza and for sex obsessed 12 year old boys for a short time Lezzy. I gave up and used my middle name in self defense. Kids have a hard enough time adjusting and fitting in without a self important self centered parent making unreasonable demands on family and friends to tag the child with an outrageous name. I feel bad for this boy and his family.

  • Somer 1 year ago

    Does she realize that kids at school will call him what they want! Plus, when writing his name on all his papers at school in K- 3rd grade will take him the same amount of time as it will the rest of the class to FINISH their papers! It may be a powerful meaningful name to the mom but you HAVE to think about what that child will go through all his life. Kids will make fun of him, trust me they are brutal. Does she not care if he gets bullied?

  • Lee Kent 1 year ago

    Liberals are now so dillusional you can’t even reason with them

  • Christina Clark 1 year ago

    Sorry, but the Mom sounds delusional. Obviously not realistic.
    I really feel for her son. He will get nicknamed by other students once he starts school.
    Probably not nice names.

  • Carla R 1 year ago

    I can already see her goi,g over board when a Dr’s office or other place only uses the first part. Its her choice but why cut family out just because they don’t agree. After all she kind of put down anyone using a traditional name.

  • Seenu 1 year ago

    She has absolute right and she is doing it in right spirit and consciousness. It will help the kid get good motivation too. She is the best mom in the world. Her son will be a real hero on the planet. Forms and traditions look ok locally but in a big picture and in the history too many have big names.

  • James 1 year ago

    I think she want’s the boy to be bullied unmercifully in school …..parents need to think about things like that when naming children

  • Amy 1 year ago

    My dad wanted to name me Candy and my maiden name was Cain. Thank Goodness my mom said absolutely not. It sounds like a stripper name.

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