One mom called the police on her child’s father because he should know not to smoke marijuana around their 6-year-old.

Lyvette Caldwell told WNCN that she was furious after watching a Facebook Live video of Donta Dewayne Blue, 23, and Tyreek Jordan Carpenter, 20, smoking in front of her son because the boy suffers from asthma.

The mother lives in New York but called Raleigh authorities after she saw the video in her feed.


In the clip, the little boy is in the background eating a bowl of cereal while the two men roll and smoke a blunt. The 6-year-old later comes toward the camera before he’s told to go sit down by his father. Caldwell said:

“I’m like. I have to do something about this. This is my child.”

Caldwell continued:

“My child doesn’t have to deal with that.”

Blue, who is the child’s father, admitted to smoking around the child in a live video on Wednesday.


He told WNCN:

“I mean I was smoking weed. I’m not going to lie.

We were on the live video and he was basically in the back of us. He was so quiet I didn’t notice, and when I did notice I told him to go upstairs. It is wrong because he’s still around us while smoking. I own up to that. It was my fault.”

Blue and his cousin, Carpenter, were each arrested and charged with misdemeanor child abuse for using illegal drugs around a child, according to arrest records obtained by WRAL.

However, the young dad said he knows he made a bad decision and hopes he can be a better father to his son in the future. He told WNCN:

“I hope everything goes how it’s supposed to go and I get a second chance to do better and try to be the father I’m supposed to be.”

According to health experts, secondhand marijuana smoke can trigger asthma attacks, reports CBS News.


However, some commenters on social media accused the mom of overreacting.

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4 Replies to “Mom Calls Police on Dad After She Sees Him Smoking Pot With Their Young Son Sitting in the Background”

  • Lee 2 years ago

    This mom did the right thing to protect her child. I absolutely believe second hand marijuana smoke can cause an asthma attack. When I was in high school, I watched a friend put a fresh screen in his pipe before smoking marijuana. When he finished, he asked if I wanted to see something really gross and then he removed the screen from the pipe. It was covered in a thick, sticky goo from the pot. That is what goes into your lungs as well. I also knew several pot smokers that would get really bad bronchitis, lasting weeks at a time, several times a year. All but one never got bronchitis again after they quit smoking marijuana.

  • […] mother lives in New York but called Raleigh police after she saw the video in her feed. MoreThe boy reportedly suffers from asthma which could have been triggered by the […]

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Right man smoke is smoke.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Some say it’s good for asthma

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