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It wasn’t until her son was brandishing the toy “finger” at the preschool pick-up that Tamra Lerum realized that the packaging of the toy she bought was terribly misleading.

As PopSugar reports, the busy mom had succumbed to her 3-year-old’s pleas to pick up some bargain toy “bananas” at Walgreen’s.

As Tamra wrote on Facebook, the gimmick of the brightly colored toys is that they can be “peeled” to reveal a surprise. Plus, they were on sale:

Alright so my son Finn and I stopped at Walgreens today. They had a ton of their Easter stuff super discounted so I let him grab some random toys. Finn decided he HAD to get these bananas! They’re super squishy, and I figured whatever it has cute packaging and it’s a good sensory toy for a toddler.

The first photo is what they come in … they’re packaged super cute and appealing for kids… Then you open the package and peel them! Inside is a surprise!

Unfortunately, Tamra didn’t get the chance to fully examine the “surprise” inside all of the bananas. Which is how she found herself watching awkwardly as her 3-year-old swung around a flesh-colored, banana-shaped squishy toy at the church pre-school.

It was supposed to be a toy finger, but it looked like a sex toy.

“Looks like a giant dildo my 3 year old is waving around,” the mom wrote. “He pulled it out of his coat pocket when we picked up his older brother today at preschool! I told him NOT TO BRING IT IN!!! I yelled,  ‘FINN PUT THAT AWAY!’ […] The preschool is in a church! SO mortified.”

Tamra admitted to Dearly that her two boys “keep her on her toes,” but she still wasn’t prepared to see her son waving around something that looked like a dildo:

As a mom of two boys my life is chaos. It is fun and always entertaining to see where our day will take us. Surely, we were not expecting our day to end up peeling toy bananas that were shaped this way, but we try to stay lighthearted about the situation.

In addition to wanting to share the humor of the moment, Tamra also thought she should warn other parents about the fingers/dildos — just in case someone decided to buy them for a birthday or other potentially embarrassing event.

“It was a parenting moment where humility and embarrassment created a great story other parents could relate to, while also bringing attention to the fact that there are kids toys out there with deceitful packaging that parents should be aware of,” she said.

Tamra said there’s “always a new story” in her house, making the banana dildos just the latest adventure:

“We have sports, melt downs, messes, and heart break. In our house, there is always something dramatic going on with these two wild ones.”

As for the toy “fingers,” Tamra threw them away the same day. She’s also being a bit more careful about what Finn brings along to the preschool pick-up.

“I never provided my son an explanation as to why I tossed them because he is 3,” she told Dearly. “He never questioned it, and we have gone about life the same. I check his pockets more this past week before we go inside his brother’s preschool to pick him up, but he is a toddler and always finds a way to get in some trouble.”

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Mom Buys Son Squishy Banana Toy. When He Pulls It Out at the Church Preschool She Realizes Her Mistake

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