After finding a pretty good deal on eBay for a phone accessory, a British woman has claimed the contents of the package when it arrived were much more than she bargained for.

According to SWNS, the woman, who requested not to be named, ordered a shock-proof glass screen protector for her iPhone off of eBay for $3.90. When the package finally arrived, she opened the box, but she didn’t find a screen protector.

Instead, a silver wallet marked “H1” was inside. The mother tore open the packet to discover a small plastic bag with a light brown powder.

The woman explained she had an idea what it was but wasn’t sure, so she looked it up:

“I Googled heroin and the image looked really similar to what we had in front of us.”

She ran to her husband and exclaimed: “Oh my God, look what I’ve just found.”

The package had been sitting in her home for three days before the woman opened it. As she explained to The Plymouth Herald, she was trying to set aside quiet time where she could tend to her phone.

Most disturbingly for the woman was that her kids could have found the package and opened it at any time:

“It’s a bit worrying when you’ve got kids. I’m just nervous it being in the house with two children to be honest — the sooner they (the police) take it away, the better.

My kids are good as gold and wouldn’t go opening the mail but it is worrying — there’s always a risk. Especially if a teenager got their hands on it perhaps.”

As the Herald reports, the eBay seller stated on his professional page that although new, all products are opened before shipping to ensure they are not damaged. The woman thought perhaps the seller missed the marking:

“I don’t know why he didn’t check and find it but maybe the H1 writing was on the other side of the packet and he didn’t notice or just didn’t think anything of it.”

Nearly 7,000 customers have made purchases through this seller, who reportedly maintained a 99.3 percent positive feedback rate.

The Herald reports that eBay is investigating the matter and will suspend further transactions by the seller.

As for the bag labeled “H1,” the woman said police have advised she bring it into the department but she has refused to carry it with her saying it part:

“I wasn’t taking any chances.”

According to Consumer Reports, the only way for a shopper to ensure full warranty rights when a good is defective — or worse — is to shop in a store. Another way to better vet online retailers is to look them up with the Better Business Bureau and search them with the terms “reviews” and “complaints.” Consumer Reports also advises shopping with a credit card as opposed to a debit card to more easily dispute any charges.

And while finding a bag of possible narcotics in a package from something ordered online might seem rare, it certainly gives shoppers a reason to pause and think about adding that next item to their cart — especially if they don’t really know who’s really sending it.

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