Last Wednesday, Jessica Mags decided it would be fun to prank her kids and test their reaction to a toy unicorn whose cheerful expression changes when it’s squeezed.

Mags posted the two videos side by side. In the first video, she holds up the plush unicorn doll that is smiling dreamily, until she squeezes it, causing its eyes to narrow menacingly and bare its fangs:

The caption she wrote on the first video says:

“Bought this for the kids.”

Terrifying enough? Her son certainly thought so, too.

In the second video, her toddler son is being shown the happy unicorn. She innocently asks him:

“He’s cute?”

Her son waves enthusiastically and with a smile says:

“Yeah! Cute!”

She then tells her son to look at the doll, squeezes it and says:


We watch as her son’s gleeful delight quickly turns to sheer horror as he screams, cries in fear, and nearly falls out of his chair:

Along with the two videos, she posted this disclaimer:

“Can’t stop laughing. He’s fine btw. He’s asking to watch the video and is laughing at it.”

The two videos have since gone mega viral with tens of millions of views and have over 1 million shares.

In the over 300,000 comments, some followers shared their horror at the prank, while others found it just as humorous as Mags, commenting with plenty of laughing emojis.

Do you think it’s funny?

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Mom Buys ‘Fun’ Unicorn for Her Son. But It’s Terrifying With Its Mouth Open

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