A Nebraska mom was left horrified recently after she saw what her kids found inside a plastic box of chocolates she had purchased for them earlier in December.

Nicole Dyer told WCMH that she picked up a container of Ferrero Rocher chocolates from Walmart before giving them to her children as a special treat.

Her two boys, Iyamari and Mario Crawford, started to dig in. But moments later, they were gagging.

Inside the popular chocolate balls was a large number of worms, they said. Mario told WOWT:

”I just spit mine out and about threw up.”

His brother said he saw “worms start falling out” shortly after they started munching on the candy, which had been sealed inside a plastic container.

Dyer said she immediately started to panic after she realized her sons had consumed the insects and went online to find answers. She told WCMH:

“I was worried what might happen to them. I had to hurry up and Google side effects of eating maggots.”

The label on the container said that chocolates weren’t supposed to expire until January 2018, so the family was left wondering why they were filled with the worms.

According to WCMH, Ferrero Rocher said that the infestation likely happened during “retail distribution or in-home storage phases.”

They claim that most insects can get inside any packaging that’s not glass or metal.

Lab testing revealed that the worms found inside the chocolate balls were Indian meal moth caterpillars, which aren’t harmful to humans.

According to Bug Clinic, Indian Meal Moths are one of the most common household pests that infect food and often like to munch on pantry items like flour and nuts.

Homeowners who think their home may be infected should remove all infested food from the pantry and consider using insect traps.

Luckily, the boys didn’t face any negative effects from this incident. Watch WMCH’s coverage below:

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