Constance Hall is an Australian blogger who gained popularity through her rough and raw take on life as a mum.

Many followers adore Hall’s brutally honest approach to woman/motherhood but the blogger’s recent pregnancy announcement blew some fans’ hair back with her remarks about contemplating abortion.

Hall shared that she and her fiancé, Denim Cooke, were expecting baby No. 7 despite their best attempts to prevent a pregnancy:

We have no idea how it slipped through. We tried everything, on and off bouts of the pill (until it flared my colitis too much) Withdrawal, Morning after pills We actually have no idea how this baby slipped through.

But it did.

Hall admitted the couple were “not ready” for another little one, but that the news made them happier than “pigs in s**t.”

Fans were jarred by Hall’s admission she considered having an abortion when her pregnancy hormones pushed her to the edge, all the while her partner, nicknamed “Densy,” was sleeping:

Well…. I’m hormonal, I considered having an abortion this morning because Densy slept in.

Although many fans were excited by the pregnancy update and shared their own pregnancy experiences, Hall was also “slammed” for the pregnancy announcement, reports the Daily Mail.

Comments such as “The worst part of this is that someday the tiny human will learn via internet that it was an accidental pregnancy & that it’s ‘parent’ considered an abortion,” and “Such RESPONSIBLE parenting! NOT! No doubt she will tell this poor child he/she was an accident and make a JOKE of it!” flooded Hall’s post.

Hall shared visceral reactions to her Facebook page, showing followers the extent of the backlash which include death threats made against her.

Hall addressed the negative comments to clarify the meaning behind her remarks:


Hall explained in part:

Yes I was hormonal and upset.
And I use humour to lighten situations.
I am pro choice, I always have been and I believe in normalising abortions, they shouldn’t be a dirty secret that we don’t discuss in public forums.

That said, I consider abortions and miscarriages/fertility issues two very separate topics. And I would never joke about the latter.

The Aussie blogger apologized to followers who found her remarks offensive:

So I am sorry for offending those that were offended.
It wasn’t intended to offend.

As GoodtoKnow reports, 32-year-old Hall has four children from a previous relationship. Cooke has two children of his own.

This will be the couple’s first child together. Hall had promised fans to expect “complaining… a lot of complaining” before their baby is born in June 2018.

No doubt Hall will stir a few pots before then.

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