The manhunt for the 21-year-old woman accused of running over and killing a mother of three is still ongoing.

Now the mom of Krystal Whipple is publicly reaching out to her daughter, and begging her to turn herself in.

As NBC News reports, Whipple is believed to be responsible for the death of mother and grandmother, Ngoc Q. Nguyen.

Nguyen is the owner of the nail shop where Whipple reportedly attempted to flee the salon without paying for her $35 manicure.

According to Las Vegas police, after receiving a manicure from Nguyen’s shop on December 29, she attempted to pay for the service with a stolen credit card. However, when the card was declined, she told Nguyen that she was going to run out to her car to grab some cash.

It was then that Whipple began to flee the scene.

Once Nguyen realized Whipple was attempting to get away without paying for her manicure, she ran after her.

Surveillance footage shows Nguyen jumping on the hood of Whipple’s vehicle before ending up under it and being dragged several feet.

Nguyen passed away as a result of the injuries she sustained. She was 51 years old.

One of Nguyen’s daughter’s told “Good Morning America”:

“Our mom was really loved by the community here. It’s very traumatizing.”

And Whipple, who was driving a stolen black convertible, has been on the run ever since.

Now, Whipple’s mother is making a public plea to her daughter in an attempt to get her to turn herself in.

The mom told ABC News:

“You can’t run, baby. You cannot run. You have to come forward, baby.”

She also issued an apology to the victim’s family:

“I am so sorry that you lost your mom and I couldn’t imagine how you feel. And I hope that you find it in your heart to forgive my daughter and my family.”

According to the authorities, the vehicle was reported stolen by a rental company in December. Police have since found the convertible abandoned.

The Las Vegas Police Department took to Twitter to ask the public for their help in tracking Whipple down.

The wrote that “anyone [with] info on her whereabouts is urged to call #LVMPD Homicide Section at 702-828-3521 or CrimeStoppersNV at 702-385-5555.”

A GoFundMe has been started for the surviving members of Nguyen’s family. So far, over $30,000 has been donated to her daughters and husband.

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10 Replies to “Mom Begs Daughter to Turn Herself In After She Kills Mom of Three Over a Manicure”

  • Retired130 2 years ago

    Another parent who failed to bring up her child properly with respect to what is right, civil, & proper human behavior. Also, no mention of a father. This is happening far too often in today’s society as more & more degenerate into lawlessness.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Stop being so self righteous. You can bring a person up with all the morals and decency you have but the individual still has to make a choice to do right. Stop always blaming the parents for what the child does.

    • Harley 2 years ago

      Where do you get off blaming the parents?! You weren’t there in her home watching her every move..there are seriel killers with stellar God fearing parents and look how they turned out! Take your head out of your ass long enough to see past your own shit you spew.

  • Debbie 2 years ago

    Hope they catch her and she gets the death penalty. Worthless waste of air and space

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Just a manicure that this mother (female)didn’t except as well as was expecting when she saw the outcome that the manicurist had done.
    She should have bought it to the manicurist attention instead of getting upset paying for the outcome, seems to me that she wasn’t familiar with the place or manicurist where she went.
    Sad,sad,sad now three children are without a mother.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Did you even read the story? She attempted to pay for the manicure with a stolen credit card, then tried to flee in a stolen car…No mention of her being unhappy with the results, just a worthless human, using that term loosely, trying to skate through life without paying for anything. Sad story nonetheless, that countless lives are now changed, a life was lost over 35 dollars.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      What are you talking about???

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I can’t believe someone would jump in front of and/or on a car because someone skipped out on a $35 bill. You see videos like this all the time. Hopefully these salon owners will stop the practice of taking the law into their own hand. It’s just not worth it.

  • Hair Salon 2 years ago

    Wth is happening in the world killing people just because of manicure? Gosh there’s a lot of salons out there she would’ve just gone to other salons if she’s not satisfied now her life will be wasted once she turn herself in

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Well GOSH another one who didn’t read the story! It didn’t say ANYTHING about not being SATISFIED!! Her whole purpose was to SKIP OUT ON THE BILL!!!!

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