When Nevada mom Elena Pineda found out her 22-year-old daughter was boarding a small plane with some friends for a trip to Arizona on Monday, she knew something could go terribly wrong.

Pineda told Fox10tv that she pleaded with her daughter, Helena Lagos, not to go on the plane — but she didn’t listen.

Hours after speaking with Pineda, Lagos took off. The mother said:

“I did not want her to go, I begged her not to go. When she left I just said, ‘Please, God. Please, God. Do not let anything happen to her.'”

And when her daughter didn’t come home on time, Pineda started to panic.

Sadly, the small plane Lagos was aboard with friends had crashed shortly after taking off from Arizona to return home, CBS8 reports.

But the concerned mother had no idea that anything had gone wrong, until she decided to check social media.

When Pineda looked at an Instagram account belonging to Lagos’ boyfriend, James Pedroza, she was left heartbroken.

The mom said:

“She was supposed to come home, and I didn’t hear from her. Then every hour from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m., I called her. There was no answer. Then I went on James’ Instagram and people were putting ‘rest in peace.’ My heart sank.”

All six passengers in the plane, who ranged in age from 22 to 28, died as a result of the wreck. According to USA Today, the cause of the crash is still undetermined.

The pilot, Erik Valente, had “thousands of hours of experience” flying both large and small aircrafts, CBS8 reports.

Shortly before the crash, Valente told controllers “we’re good,” but the plane hit the ground a short time later in Scottsdale.

Now, Pineda said she is heartbroken and feels “betrayed by God.”

Lagos had just started working as a entrepreneur before the crash and founded her own fruit business.

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