A mom is going viral after a video surfaced of her threatening students who were allegedly bullying her daughter.

As KTLA reports, while standing next to a teacher, the mother addressed a classroom full of Niguel Hills Middle School eighth grade students.

The mom in the video can be heard saying:

“She’s a girl and y’all are boys. Okay? If y’all bully my daughter, if you look at her the wrong way, if you breath the wrong way, send your mom to me. Sisters, aunts, anybody over 18, I’ll f**k them all up. Do you understand me?”

She continued to demand that those who have been allegedly bullying her daughter to stop messaging her online and “don’t post nothing about her, none of that.”


As the mom continued her rant, she also passed out “Free A** Kicking” tickets:

“Y’all think y’all bullies? I’m a big bully, ok?”

The rant came after the mom reportedly already went to the school about her daughter’s issues with bullies. However, the mom said her daughter was subjected to more online bullying over the weekend.

Administrators of the school say the mom wasn’t invited to the school and isn’t sure how the mom made her way into the classroom.

According to KTLA, the student who filmed the rant said she and others were scared by the mom’s actions:

“I think everyone was scared and like I wanted proof to be able to show if like something happened. Like this is what happened and have it on recorded document, I guess.”

Another student inside the classroom told KTLA:

“It was actually kind of scary, but then she was like, all talk. So I thought it was like kind of funny towards the end, but at first, it was scary because some random person comes in the class, and starts yelling, like I don’t know what your initial thought would be.”

The mom has since been banned from campus and an investigation into the bullying claims is ongoing.

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