In a now viral video, the parents of a toddler from St. Charles, Missouri had their daughter explain why she manhandled a little boy at preschool.

Kynlee McFetridge used her wrestling moves to put a boy in a headlock, and her mother questioned the 3-year-old about the situation on camera.

McFetridge’s mom asked:

“What happened at school?”

The little girl explained that she “put a headlock down” on her friend, Jack, reports FOX 2.

Watch the adorable clip below:

Adorable kid talks about head-locking boy

Don't head-lock boys. ? This girl's mom sent us this adorable video of her daughter learning a life lesson. Meet them tonight on FOX 2 News at 5pm.

Posted by Fox2Now on Thursday, February 28, 2019

McFetridge said:

“I took a headlock down on Jack and took him down.”

When her mom asked “why, what did he say?” the girl said the boy asked her to marry him. McFetridge explained:

“Kids don’t get married. That’s why I put headlock down on him.”

McFetridge’s family told Fox 2 that her father is to blame for his little girl’s roughhousing at school.

As the dad explained, his daughter was physically behind other children her age after surviving a corrective open heart surgery, so he taught her wrestling moves to help her catch up.

FOX 2 News

As Fox 2 reports, at 5-month-old the girl suffered from a heart disease known as the trilogy of Fallot heart. McFetridge’s dad said:

“That was my whole theory behind wrestling and roughhousing with her because she was behind the other kids. I was trying to make her stronger so she could catch up. In doing so, she got a little rough, I guess.”

FOX 2 News

Her mom told her in the video:

“Let’s not put headlocks on boys, okay? Let’s not put headlocks on boys.”

McFetridge said she learned her lesson and now knows that “it’s a bad thing” to resolve conflicts with headlocks. However, she told Fox 2:

“Sometimes you just gotta take them down.”

Parents watching the video on Facebook encouraged the McFetridge family to put their daughter in wrestling, so she can headlock all the boys she wants.

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10 Replies to “Toddler Told Mom That a Boy in Her Class Asked Her to Marry Him. She Replied by Putting Him in a ‘Headlock’”

  • Mikki 2 years ago

    Love it!!!!!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    It’s called Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) for short and she is absolutely adorable.

  • bouboulina 2 years ago

    Poor sweet, affectionate little boy–he was just being an innocent young child with a normal personality & shouldn’t be vilified for a normal nature & personality. I hope his feelings weren’t hurt by the also normal rebuff by the little girl, who is also sweet & innocent & simply reacted to a novel & surprising situation with the little boy who wasn’t aggressive, just normally affectionate.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Ditto ❤❤❤

  • Karen 2 years ago

    Just wondering if everyone would think it was “cute” if the genders had been reversed? Why is it “cute” for girls to get aggressive with boys but it is aggressive, testosterone rage and domestically violent if a boy does the same thing to a girl. Does anyone else see how ridiculous and sexist the old girls/women being the “weaker” sex has become?

  • Lance Merlin 2 years ago

    My thought exactly, Karen. If it had been reversed, the aggressor would have had a visit to the principal’s office, or whatever passes for that in pre-school, and maybe been suspended, if pre-school has such a thing. In any case, he would have been punished and reprimanded.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    How do we know she wasn’t reprimanded? Her mother was obviously informed by the teacher and I am sure they handled it fair and accordingly. I can’t say for sure they did, and you can’t say for sure they didn’t.

  • Diana Medina 2 years ago

    They are 3 years old! BRAVO! ignor The idiots above mine. Reprimand smh

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    When boys are inappropriate, it’s time girls put them down in a headlock. I’m in her corner.

  • Matthew K Davila 2 years ago

    He wasnt inappropriate.

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