A mom who plucked her baby’s unibrow took to the internet after realizing she may have made a mistake.

The unnamed mom, who has a 15-month-old baby girl, turned to a forum on Reddit after she said another mother gave her a “horrified” look for plucking the toddler’s brows.

The concerned mother explained that her daughter has “always been hairy”:

It’s nice in a way because she was born with hair on her head and she has really full eyelashes. But she also developed a unibrow. It was light at first. But over the last 4-5 months, it’s gotten fairly prominent.

That’s why she decided to grab some tweezers and clear up the hair between her baby’s brows “for aesthetic reasons.” The mom said:

I decided to pluck it while she slept. If she woke up I would stop. I managed to get it all off in a couple days.

She didn’t think much of it until an “extremely observant” friend noticed the change. The mom said:

I was honest and said I plucked the middle while she slept. She had this horrified look and said she was surprised that I did that. I didn’t really know what to say, but obviously I felt a little insecure about my decision after that.

The mom added that her husband said she was “overthinking the situation,” but she was curious what Reddit users had to say.

And they didn’t hold back.

AITA for tweezing off my baby’s unibrow? from r/AmItheAsshole

Many commenters stated that they thought the mom was wrong for causing her child pain for “aesthetic” purposes.

The top-rated comment on Reddit read:

[You’re the a*****e]. Wtf is wrong with someone who cares about their baby’s EYEBROWS?! Way to cement those self esteem issues nice and early, 10/10 parenting

However, others were more sympathetic. One Reddit user wrote:

[Not the a*****e]. I’m sure I’ll get downvoted for this opinion, but it’s your baby. If she’s not waking up, she’s obviously okay. I have no kids so maybe I’m the asshole for thinking this way, but she will be teased once she gets to school age. If you do it now, you’re building a pain tolerance for later…

What do you think of the mom’s decision? Let us know in the comments.

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3 Replies to “Mom Asks if It Was Wrong to Pluck Her Baby’s Unibrow After Fellow Mother Gave Her ‘Horrified’ Look”

  • Totie 2 years ago

    It’s your business

  • Danielle 2 years ago

    I don’t see an issue. She’s 15 months old. It’s just like getting the kids hair cut. She obviously did no harm to the child who most likely won’t even notice the difference. The child is not hurt. It’s her child so no one else should have anything to say about it. She can pluck, shave, cut that child’s hair or eyebrows all she wants.

  • Judi Shevlin 2 years ago

    Of course it was wrong! But you knew that, or you wouldn’t be asking! That poor baby had no say in your decision, and what, you waited to see if the pain would wake her up? So she could, what? Tell you that you are a narcissistic witch of a parent who worries because her baby girl isn’t perfect, according to your seemingly impossibly high standards? You are crazy, lady!!!

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