Mumsnet user “Hamburgers” just wanted a little perspective when she posted on the parenting forum website, asking whether her baby’s headband was too flashy: “Are headbands on babies [tacky]?” she asked. Instead, she got a lesson in why her baby shouldn’t be wearing one at all.

As Kidspot reports, after learning of her husband’s disapproval of the accessory, Hamburgers asked fellow parents if she were misguided. As the mother wrote: “Please settle an argument for me. Are headbands on baby girls [tacky]? [Dear husband] was outraged I put one on [dear daughter] and said they’re [tacky]. I don’t think they are!”

Some users were quick to defend the baby’s father: “It’s awful. Please don’t do this to her, she’s not a Yorkshire Terrier And if I were here (sic) I’d find it really irritating,” wrote one commenter. “I agree with your husband,” wrote another. “They look very tacky indeed.”

Others, however, pointed out Hamburgers should be less worried about her baby’s appearance and more concerned with her safety. “Yes, [tacky] and dangerous. If they slip down over a small baby’s face they can suffocate,” warned one commenter. “[Tacky], yes. Choosing to put a strangulation risk on your child to prove they are female is stupid, IMHO [in my honest opinion],” wrote another.

According to Kidspot, headbands pose a safety risk to children due to choking and strangulation hazards, evidenced by two separate cases in recent years. In 2014, a mother issued a warning after her seven-month-old started to choke on a flower petal pulled from her headband. In 2017, a woman shared the dangers of big-bow headbands after a friend’s baby reportedly suffocated in her sleep after the headband slipped over her face.

Many Mumsnet users made sure Hamburgers was aware of the risk of placing a headband on her baby. As one commenter cautioned:

Slip down: strangulation risk
Get in mouth either by slipping down or baby grabbing: Choking risk. Especially the ones with bows/diamonds other bits that may fall off.
Also baby’s skulls are very, very delicate. pressure from a band like that, even a soft one, isn’t great.

“They are awful, look terrible and they are dangerous, they go well with pierced ears on newborns tho,” one user opined. “Little babies should look like little babies, not be covered in ridiculous adornments.”

One user asked Hamburgers if the comments were enough to make her reconsider: “Most people are saying it’s horrible [Hamburgers], surely hearing about how dangerous they can be is enough to reconsider. Why take the risk. If only babies could talk, they’d say ‘please take this horrible bow off my head, it’s so uncomfortable.'”

What do you think? Are headbands on a baby a bad idea?

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