In 2012, Patricia Krentcil was arrested and charged with child endangerment for taking her five-year-old daughter into a tanning bed with her.

According to the New York Post, a nurse at the girl’s elementary school called the authorities on Krentcil after the child mentioned the trips to the tanning salon together.

Photos of the New Jersey woman, who was visiting the tanning salon daily, were splashed across the media along with her new nickname: “Tan Mom.”

Krentcil’s appearance, in addition to the assumed recklessness of willing harmful UV exposure upon herself, prompted many to believe she was an unfit mother.

To this day, Krentcil maintains that although she brought her daughter with her to the tanning salon, she never let her use a bed.

But her claims didn’t guard against the massive fees she and her husband were forced to incur as a result of the accusations.

As Krentcil told the Post:

“The pain’s there. It will always be there. It broke us — $100,000 at least,” she said of the legal and medical fees she and her then-husband, Richard Krentcil, shelled out, including voluntary family therapy for them and their children. (The Krentcils divorced in 2014.)

Following her arrest, Krentcil was incarcerated for a week, but a grand jury ultimately refused to indict the mother of five:

“I didn’t know if I’d see my kids again,” Krentcil said. “I still have nightmares. I did nothing wrong.”

Now, Krentcil is aiming to turn the tables on exactly the same persons she alleged caused her family grief for all those years.

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As the Post reports, Krentcil is working with her lawyers to potentially bring a case against her daughter’s school district after the 11-year-old — whom Krentcil was accused of taking into a tanning bed — returned from a school outing with a sunburn.

The livid mother told the Post:

“She was totally burned. I packed her [sunscreen] and she came home like a french fry.”

The Post adds:

“After what they did to me, they didn’t put lotion on her? This time, I’m going after them,” said Krentcil, 49, adding that her lawyer is fashioning a potential case against the Nutley Public School District for neglect. Krentcil said teachers at Lincoln Elementary “harass [Anna]. They always ask her, ‘Are you OK [at home]?’”

Krentcil explained to the Post that following the “Tan Mom” ordeal, not only did her family suffer a major financial loss, but she saw her life spiral downward:

“I turned into a mess,” she admitted of the year or so after her arrest. “I couldn’t leave my home. I couldn’t eat out — I couldn’t get detergent at Kmart. Everyone looked at me like I was a horrific mom. Basically, everyone here hated me.

My kids were angry and fed up. They were embarrassed, made fun of. Teachers made fun of me in front of my kids.” (The Nutley Public School District declined to comment on all matters.)

The New Jersey mom admitted that she turned to drinking to cope with the chaos around her, eventually enduring a stint in a 28-day rehab program, according to the Post.

She also sought to recoup the money she spent on legal fees by appearing on talk shows and attending red carpet events; some of which appeared to show Krentcil intoxicated and falling down, the result of a devastating head injury she said she received in her 20s.

She explained:

“Don’t judge until you’ve been in someone else’s shoes. I’m not drunk. Sometimes I fall.”

Krentcil told the Post, however, that the newfound spotlight did help her family get by financially.

She now makes regular appearances on “The Howard Stern Show,” is currently working on her memoir, and is involved in negotiations to become part owner of a tanning salon.

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