It wasn’t the marketing so much as the message that bothered Lauren.

As the mom of three wrote on her blog, From Blacktop to Dirt Road, it started with a text from an old high school acquaintance. A woman she hadn’t spoken to in years contacted Lauren about a “great cream” that could help “get rid of those crow’s feet.”

Lauren Eberspacher

The next day saw a new message from a different friend. This one referenced the fact that “we aren’t getting any younger,” and followed up with an offer to help “get rid of those tired eyes!”

Two messages in two days about eye wrinkles would be enough to try anyone’s patience. As Lauren wrote:

I know we are getting older. You and about 15 other women have messaged and texted and emailed me that this week. I know you want to sell me your wonder creams. I’m sure they work. I know you want to grow your business (which seriously, YAY! Go you! I wish you nothing but the best!), but please, please don’t use the fact that I’m a tired mom and getting older to move you to that “next level” of your scheme.

The problem isn’t just that no one wants to be told that they look tired, much less a busy mom with three kids under age 6. It’s also the fact that not everyone sees crow’s feet as a bad thing.

In fact, as Lauren explains, she has always been drawn toward people’s eyes. And a lot of the reason has to do with her own mother:

[O]ne of the things that I loved the most when I was growing up was looking at my mom when she smiled. This woman smiled with her eyes. And every single time she smiled, she would scrunch her nose and her eyes would get all squinty. Growing up, I can hardly remember a time that she wasn’t smiling. Because of this, she has herself a pair of crows feet.

And they are gorgeous. It’s my very favorite part about her.

As Lauren wrote, her mother has lived every day with “such joy and such happiness” that she’s been able to smile a lot. And having learned from her mother’s example, Lauren has smiled enough to develop her own lines at the corners of her eyes.

Lauren knows exactly how she has, “earned this pair of crow’s feet over the years.” And the memories of how she earned them are precious. They include smiling in bliss at her husband as newlyweds, cooing over her children as newborns, laughing with her daughter at the park, singing and dancing with the kids in the kitchen, and more.

In short, her crow’s feet were built on a thousand memories, and every memory rings with happiness. So Lauren isn’t interested in buying anything that would smooth away such a treasured souvenir. She wrote:

I have earned my crows feet by living with joy. So please, please don’t ask me if I want to take them away. If you want to sell me a donut or coffee, I am all ears. But until then, I will keep washing my face with good old fashioned water and using my $5 Wal-Mart moisturizer cream.

In fact, rather than try to make them vanish, she plans to keep working on those fine lines as often as possible. She concluded:

“And my crows feet? I think that they are here to stay. Because I plan to keep on smiling so that my lines will keep on showing up in all the right places.”

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