At this point, even the mom agrees there were better ways to handle her problems with the neighbor boy.

As KMOV News reports, it began after a sleepover at a Eureka, Missouri, apartment complex. A 9-year-old girl was sleeping over at a friend’s house when that friend’s brother decided to play a prank on their guest.


The 9-year-old boy sneaked into the room and pulled the girl’s hair. When she sat up in surprise, he accidentally hit her in the chest.

The story the girl told her mother, however, wasn’t as innocuous. When she went home, the girl claimed the boy had touched her inappropriately.

That sent the angry mom on the warpath. And when the boy came looking for his sister, she decided to teach him a lesson. Lt. Dave Wilson told KMOV:

“The next day, the nine-year-old boy went to the neighbor’s house looking for his sister, and the mother of the young girl — who was upset with the young boy — pulled him into the apartment, shaved his head.”

Not satisfied with just shaving the boy’s head, the mother also wrote the word “Pervert” across the boy’s forehead with a felt-tip pen.

Now, she is facing prosecution for assault on a minor. Wilson told KMOV that the mom has acknowledged her mistake:

“She certainly admitted to the accusations and obviously regrets her decision”

Locals were shocked and quick to condemn the mom’s way of handling things. Marilyn Clark said:

“Gosh, I can’t believe that she would do that. That is just terrible.”

Bill Constantin pointed out:

“She just distinctively went into beast mode, you know? She should have got the other kids parents involved.”

The woman said she regrets her decision.

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