Twenty-five years ago, Kateri Schwandt became a mother for the first time. Now, at age 42, the Michigan mom is pregnant with her 14th child.

As just 14 percent of moms in the United States have four children or more, Kateri is among a select group of women, especially considering all 13 of her children are boys.

As WOOD-TV reports, the Schwandt family first garnered national attention when Kateri’s husband, Jay, shared his wife had given birth to their 13th child in a storied tradition of having all boys.

“Ok, so the boys know now! It’s a BOY! Now we need to choose a name! BLESSED beyond belief,” Jay reportedly wrote in a 2015 post on Facebook. At the time, the couple believed the 13th child would be their last.

But, for a family that “can’t imagine a home without any babies in it,” Kateri and Jay have confirmed their 14th child is due in April.

The couple told WOOD-TV they think “this is it”:

“I’m thinking that this is it. It just feels like this is going to be it, and we’re going to enjoy every second of it.”

Kateri, who is one of 14 children, said the addition of another baby won’t make much of a difference to the already large family. As she said:

“If you have three, it’s the same as having 10 at this point, if you ask me. It’s just more chaos, more noise. But it’s nothing we’re not used to at this point.”

Jay said another child in the family will not affect matters logistically or financially: “It’s what we do,” he said, in part.

While Jay expressed his desire for a girl, recounting he and his wife “held out hope” babies 12 and 13 would be girls, the couple revealed they are not going to find out the gender of the baby until the delivery.

Despite wishing for a girl, Jay said he doesn’t think the family is destined for a daughter:

“I would love to have a girl, but I just don’t think it’s in the cards.”

The couple’s youngest child is just two years old.

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