A mom hoping to relax poolside this summer realized that she’s accidentally taken on the role of the lifeguard. Now, she’s unsure what to do about it.

The mom took to Reddit after she started finding herself unable to leave her condo’s pool while visiting with her own children because there are never other adults around.

She explained in a post:

I have one child and our condo building has a shared pool. When we go swimming other kids flock to the pool which is not a problem at all. The problem is, when we get out, I’m ready to go…but I feel like I have assumed responsibility at that point and can’t leave kids swimming alone. Their parents are at work or don’t even live here bc the kids invite their friends from the neighborhood.

The unnamed mother said some children have been given permission to swim alone, but based on their abilities, she thinks “they are not fine to swim alone.”

She’s even had to step in when the kids were demonstrating dangerous behavior.

Randy Fath/Unsplash

Other children said they are only allowed to swim with an adult present, but she doesn’t think that means she should be stuck there. The post read:

I feel like the parents who work think I’m literally sitting here all day happy to watch kids swim, since mine swims too, but we swim for maybe 30 minutes not all day, and we have other things to go do. I’m sure if I tell the parents they would say I’m not obligated to watch them but honestly I can’t relax knowing these kids are in the pool alone.

Unsure of how to correct the situation, the mom turned to Reddit’s “Parenting” forum. She asked:

What should I do? I don’t want to be held captive at the pool all summer. If it matters, the ages are 9-13.

Do I need to watch neighborhood kids at the pool? from r/Parenting

Many parents in the comments sympathized with the mother and said the issue was “something to bring up with the condo board or [management].”

One commenter wrote:

I second board management, I would be shocked if there wasn’t a strict rule about adult supervision for minors, as in their own adults it absolutely isn’t your responsibility…

Another said:

I have just one kid. I’m only responsible for HER. That said, if I saw something really bad happening with the other kids, I’d definitely say something. But I’m not going to go out of my way to be a lifeguard (as I can barely swim as it is.)

What would you do in this situation? Let us know in the comments.

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One Reply to “Mom Asks For Advice After Getting Stuck as ‘Lifeguard’ to All the Children at Her Condo’s Pool”

  • CATHY HARVEY 2 years ago

    Have the apartment building hire a lifeguard or parents sign up for a time slot to watch the children in the pool area. The apartment building should have a sign in sheet by the pool where EVERYONE has to sign in their name and apt number. If they have any guest they must pay a set fee added to the next month’s rent. Either everybody pays for pool / or only ones who use to pay for life guard.

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