The beautiful sentiment in a mom’s moving viral post about her second born has calmed the hearts of many women struggling with mom guilt.

In the dearest most loving way Kendra Barnes told her second child just how important he is, even though he didn’t get the same focus his older sister did.

The mother from Louisville, Kentucky, admitted that she didn’t go through the same elaborate baby planning and spend every moment thinking about her son while she was pregnant.

Barnes told “Good Morning America,” that she didn’t have a baby shower or gender reveal party, she also didn’t take many photos or do all the typical things that would make a newborn’s arrival feel special.

With another kid under the age of two, the mom said she didn’t have as much time to devote to her second child when he was born.

You were second. Not in my heart, but one did come before you in time. Yes, with you, it was different. There was…

Posted by Daylight to Dark on Friday, May 24, 2019

Barnes explained on her Facebook page for her blog Daylight into Dark:

You were second. Not in my heart, but one did come before you in time. Yes, with you, it was different.

She continued:

There was no gender reveal party. No elaborate showers. We didn’t read all the books or check the apps every week to see what vegetable you measured up against […] My mind was busier; my body more tired.

The worries of a first-time-mom had faded.

The mom also admitted that before she welcomed her second child, she wondered how she would split her time and attention between two children. Barnes wrote:

I wondered how on earth my heart could ever be big enough, how I could manage to divide my time and energy and love equally enough.

Thousands of parents resonated with the post and shared the mom’s relatable tribute to her son.

One soon-to-be mother of two wrote in response to Barnes’ heartfelt post:

I’m pregnant with my second child, and have been thinking about this so much. My daughter is 2 and I’ve been emotional about how I would make time for the both of them, and make my oldest still know she’s my baby. This calms my heart!

Barnes assured the concerned mother in the comments section that her apprehension was natural.

But said those fears will wash away because a mom’s “heart expands in every single way possible to make room for everyone.”

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