Meesha Chang, a former creative consultant who once worked for a major tech company, has started applying for jobs again.

During the time she wasn’t working, she gained what she believes to be an asset to any paid position: a daughter, Lucia.

Chang sets herself apart from her competitors by bringing 5-month-old Lucia along for interviews.

She even includes her daughter’s qualifications — “quiet, observant nature and positive attitude” — on her own resume.

In one of her cover letters, she wrote:

As a team, we can bring positive energy and change to almost any situation we encounter, and would love to bring it to you.

Chang felt that motherhood changed her for the better, and bringing her child to work would provide a unique addition to the workplace.

Chang told Popsugar:

“I think it opens people’s minds and makes them think backwards and forwards, reflecting back on their childhood and mother. I feel my new skills as a mom are transferable. Why not have the next step in my career path work with, rather than against, my new role and instincts?”

Chang has interviewed with companies that didn’t see her daughter as a bonus. According to Popsugar, there have been times when hiring managers “greeted Lucia awkwardly, unsure of what to make of the mother-daughter duo.”

Meesha Chang/Instagram

But she doesn’t want to do it any other way; she doesn’t want to sacrifice her career or time spent with Lucia.

Because of this, Chang has been advocating for more companies to incorporate policies that would be conducive to babies in the workplace.

Chang said:

“Part of why I am pushing for companies to accommodate babies at work is so that more parents have choices in the future. We are told over and over that women can’t have it all, can’t be present parents and have a great career. This is not because it’s impossible; it’s because we don’t have systems in place to provide that life.”

In a perfect scenario, Chang’s office would have small area in which “her baby can play and sleep that would be private enough for nursing or pumping,” or an adjustable standing desk on which she could put her carrier.

In her scenario, should instances arise in which she would not be able to bring Lucia, an onsite babysitter would be available to watch her.

Chang also believes “a flexible work-from-home policy would be immensely helpful for any new mom.”

Meesha Chang/Instagram

Chang’s vision is one that many professional mothers could appreciate. Baby friendly policies could change motherhood and childhood for the better, by allowing moms to spend more time with their children during the most crucial months of life.

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  • S. Miller 1 year ago

    Ms or Mrs Cheng had always a strange attitude towards work, believing work is primarely there to entertain her.

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