Note: Video above contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

Only about 500 rough-and-tumble Nebraskans call the village of Verdigre their home, but now the small town is making headlines, thanks to one creative farmer who was caught on camera.

It started when a group of friends was driving near the village and spotted something unbelievable. One of the passengers, Craig Falls, told Viral Hog:

“We were driving down the highway on our way to Kolache Days in Verdigre, NE, to play a polka gig, when traffic began to slow down. We went to pass the slow vehicle and noticed as we passed by, there was a crazy sight.”

Posted by Craig Falls on Friday, May 20, 2016

What appeared to be an old police car had been completely modified in order to carry a live Longhorn bull.

Falls told Viral Hog that they pulled over to get a better glimpse — and pulled out their camera:

“We pulled over and waited for it to come by so we could see it again and take a video. We were listening to Opeth at the time and as the strange sight came by and you realize it’s a live bull in a car, the music changes perfectly.”


A large part of the white car had been removed, and one side of the vehicle had been replaced with plywood and a metal fence to keep in the massive animal.

Astoundingly, the man behind the wheel appears to wave at a police vehicle that is monitoring traffic on the other side of the road, though the officer didn’t make any attempt to stop the modified vehicle.

The sight sent Falls and the passengers into hysterics.

But then they realized the bull might not have exactly enjoyed the breezy ride or been very comfortable. Falls said:

“It wasn’t until the car passed by a little that we noticed the bull defecated on the car.”

The bewildering video has since gone viral on social media, garnering thousands of views on YouTube.

It remains unclear who the creative driver was, or why they decided to transport the frightened animal in an old cop car.

Though according to KMPH, Nebraskans sometimes do this to display their prize animals at livestock shows.

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