“Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland, 28, had strong words for the alleged drunk driver who killed her 14-year-old cousin Trevor Canaday on Saturday.

In a screenshot, Hyland revealed on her Instagram stories that reportedly Trevor and his dad Bryan were driving to “a show choir event and were involved in a serious car accident due to a drunk driver.”

According to Hyland’s GofundMe Page, Bryan is in the hospital recovering but Trevor died in the accident.

Sarah Hyland Instagram

Hyland wrote on Instagram:

“This is my 14-year-old cousin Trevor. Yesterday, he was killed by a drunk driver. My uncle is still in the hospital in need of more surgeries.”

According to the fundraising page, Trevor’s mom and family members said:

“Bryan, is recovering physically, but sadly Trevor has gained his wings and is singing and playing some crazy football in heaven.”

The Nebraska family continued:

“Trevor was a funny, smart, innovative, athletic, goofy kid and he was so loved.

His memory will live on in many ways. Please help us do this for the family now to help ease their suffering away from money to focus on healing emotionally.”

Devasted, the actress shared her thoughts on the accident and encouraged her followers to donate towards her cousin’s funeral expenses and medical costs.

Sarah Hyland Instagram

Hyland also claimed:

“Jeffrey Eggerling hit my Uncle’s car so fast my cousin (who was wearing a seatbelt) was ejected from the car.”

She continued:

“Jeffrey Eggeling has two prior DUI’s. He also tried to run from the scene of the crime. [He] is under arrest and I hope to God he spends the rest of his life in prison.”

The Omaha Police department confirmed that Eggerling allegedly fled the scene on foot, and was eventually arrested on two counts of DUI causing serious bodily injury, according to the incident report.

According to the latest National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report, every day nearly 29 people are involved in a fatal accident involving drunk driving.

In 2016 alcohol-impaired vehicle crashes accounted for the death of 10,497 people, “accounting for a third of all traffic-related deaths in the United States,” reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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2 Replies to “Modern Family Star Takes to Instagram to Call Out the Man Who Killed Her Cousin After Allegedly Driving Drunk”

  • Ray J. 1 year ago

    I think after 2 DUI serious jail time should be the punishment. Here in Michigan I see on the news every day that repeat offenders kill another innocent human being. We need to put these people behind bars for 30 days (or more) and let them think about their crime (and it is crime).

  • Carol Brandt 1 year ago

    Since everyone knows that drinking makes one drunk, and being drunk seriously compromises one’s ability to drive safely, ergo killing someone with your car while drunk should be manslaughter. And if one has been arrested for d&d before, and kills someone while driving drunk, call that murder in the second degree. That’s not counting the fine, though many drunks own nothing.

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Modern Family Star Takes to Instagram to Call Out the Man Who Killed Her Cousin After Allegedly Driving Drunk

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