Noel Bracy is a wife and mother from San Antonio, Texas, and she has a message for all the other ladies out there.

Bracy felt like she was being watched, but having never seen anyone actually staring at her, she thought she was being crazy. She told KENS5 that for the last three weeks, she had been hearing what sounded like a man “moaning” outside her window as she got ready for bed and again for work in the morning.

When Bracy couldn’t shake the sense of being watched, she bought a camera to hide outside her window.

The camera captured exactly what she had been feeling. The black and white video shows a man wearing sweatpants and a hoodie gazing through the mom’s window.

She wrote on Facebook:

Ladies, please listen to your instincts, even if others do not listen to you! After weeks of thinking that I was crazy… I caught the man that has been watching me from outside my window on camera. He came back and stole my camera, but I had the footage via app.

Bracy reported the footage to the San Antonio police, who told her that this is just one of several peeping Tom incidences that have been reported in the area since June 2017.

In an interview with KENS5, Bracy further stated:

“He has no right to be doing this. He’s invading my privacy, he needs to stop, he needs to be caught. […] If you feel like something is off, take measure, get a camera. I never, in a million years, thought this would happen to me. I took measures and I was able to catch him in the act, so hopefully, now we can catch him physically.”

She hopes that by so many people getting a chance to see the video, it will help the police catch the man.

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