Mother of three Brooke Allensworth was reported missing last week. Her family said she hasn’t been heard from or seen in three weeks.

According to KARK 4, Allensworth’s father said that she was at a local salon getting her nails and hair done the day before she went missing.


However, her father didn’t file an official missing person’s report with Searcy Police until Thursday, July 26.

Three weeks after Allensworth was last seen and just one day after she was officially reported missing, Allensworth’s vehicle was found near a boat ramp under an overpass in Independence County, Arkansas. The vehicle had a flat tire.

The 37-year-old mother was no where to be found.


Police said the vehicle appeared to have been abandoned for quite some time. Sheriff Shawn Stephens told KARK 4:

“It looks like she broke down had a flat tire. Then someone come through and she left.”

Allensworth’s older sister, Kelly Avants, told KARK 4 that she has been trying to remain positive and hopeful over the last three weeks, but it is “killing her” that she can’t bring her little sister home. She said:

“Brooke we need you to come home. You’re that missing link. … I’m the one that’s suppose to be protecting her and it’s killing me.”

Avants added:

“I know that in my heart she would not hurt herself. And she has never gone this long without having contact.”

Authorities said that they cannot rule out foul play at this time.

According to KARK 4, authorities have been trying to get in contact with the person they believe was the last person to have been in contact with Allensworth.

This is the message they had to that person, who has not been publicly identified:

“Talk to us. Answer our phone calls. We’re not concerned about what trouble you’ve been in in the past. We just, we need to talk to get this young woman located and get her back safe.”

If anyone knows anything about Allensworth’s whereabouts, please notify the Independence County Sheriff’s Office at (870) 793-8838.

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