Police will be conducting an aerial search on I-65 in Indiana on Tuesday after an item belonging to a missing mother of five was found near Lafayette Road over the weekend.

According to Fox 59, Najah Ferrell, 30, woke up at 3 a.m. on March 15 to get ready for her new job at Panera Bread. Ferrell’s fiancé, two sons, and three foster children were at the home during the time.

Paula Gholson, Najah’s mother, told WTHR:

“She got up for work and told [her fiancé] to get the kids out, because she had to go in. He said that’s the last time he saw her.”

However, Ferrell never made it to her 5 a.m. shift. Further, she never showed up to pick up her children from school later that day.

According to Fox 59, Gholson said:

“The foster case manager called me and said the school called me because Najah didn’t show up to pick the kids up. It alerted me because I know Najah was never irresponsible.”

According to NBC News, the Avon Police Department said investigators have interviewed all relevant parties, including Ferrell’s fiancé.

Detective Brian Nugent said:

“In the absence of any information to suggest that anyone knows where she’s at, foul play is at the forefront of our theories. For her to be away this long unexplained, unplanned — foul play is certainly a possibility.”

However, the department has run into difficulties in receiving phone records and identifying a suspect.

Nugent said:

“We are running into slow response from the cell phone company to give us the data we need. That certainly has been a very frustrating part of the process for us.”

The detective did not identify the item investigators found belonging to Ferrell but said they are hopeful the search of the interstate will give them a lead.

Rhondel Gowdy, Najah’s aunt, told WTHR:

“We’re using the phrase, ‘It’s like she vanished into thin air,’ but I want to say right here and now: There’s no such thing. Somebody knows something. It’s impossible that nobody knows anything.”

If you have any information on Ferrell’s disappearance, please call Crime Stoppers of Indiana at 317-262-TIPS. Callers can remain anonymous.

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