A 2-year-old girl went missing in Gabbard Park on Sunday.

College Station Police have confirmed Hazana Anderson’s clothing has been found in a dumpster near the park, reports KXXV.

As previously reported by Dearly, authorities have determined the child’s mother filed a false report and has been arrested for child endangerment.

Tiaundra Christon originally told police her daughter vanished from her stroller near a body of water.

According to the affidavit, evidence links Christon to a bag found inside a dumpster that contained clothes and another object that reportedly belonged to the little girl.

The 21-year-old denied any knowledge of the object, however, investigators found discrepancies in the woman’s story.

Christon had actually handled both the object and the bag.


Police believe the Texas mother is withholding key information in her daughter’s case.

Anderson’s father, Tabodrick Anderson, told KPRC, the mother hasn’t been a devoted parent since the couple’s break-up. He said

“She starting pushing off my daughter on me a lot more. She started disappearing, leaving my daughter for me for weeks.”

Anderson told KBTX he feels like he’s failed his daughter.


The distressed dad spoke out in disbelief on hearing news that the little girl went missing. Anderson told the station:

“I kind of feel like I let my daughter down.

She’s everything to me. She’s the best baby I know.”

He added:

“I’m just not understanding why she would put my daughter in that situation.


It seemed like she didn’t show the responsibility and the love that she once did or spoke about. It’s like when she got to live her life, got that bit of freedom, that’s all she wanted.”

According to the dad, the child was living with her grandmother before she went missing.

Anderson said he just wants answers now that Christon is a suspect in Hazana’s disappearance.

Watch the video below:

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