“Hellboy” actress Milla Jovovich said on most nights her entire family has a slumber party of sorts when the family of four co-sleeps in the same bed.

This week on the “Wendy Williams” show the mother of two daughters, 11 and 4, discussed the topic of bed sharing with her husband and two children.

Jovovich revealed that she and her husband, film director Paul W.S. Anderson, push a king-size bed and a double bed together to cuddle with the kids at night. She said during the interview:

“We have been co-sleeping for years with our daughter and I feel that it’s helped us so much to stay connected as a family.”

Night after night, 11-year-old Ever Gabo, and four-year-old Dashiel Edan, sleep comfortably with their parents although Anderson sometimes falls in the cracks.

Jovovich explained:

“My husband and I, when we make movies together, we’re working 15 hours a day. We get to see the kids at lunch, but we don’t get that time to connect. So sometimes nighttime is the time of day to reconnect.”

However, she admitted that lately, her preteen has been asking for her own space. She said while promoting “Hellboy:”

“The 11 year old… keeps sort of threatening to go to her own room at some point, but she’s like, ‘I know how lonely you’d get without me, so…'”

Williams asked the actress, “Now, is that what they do… where you’re from?”

Jovovich, who was born in Kiev, said she her unconventional sleeping arrangement was inspired by mothers in third-world countries. She said:

“No electronic distraction devices, no high tech baby equipment, just a mother carrying her little one everywhere, sharing a family bed and having the help of all the other women around to raise the baby.”

She continued:

“I always thought that the Western way of raising kids was so disconnected. Everyone has their cubicle at home, babies go into nurseries, little kids have their own rooms.

You are so separated from one another!”

Wellness professional, Dr. Basora-Rovira, said, “there is no specific age that is ‘too old’ for co-sleeping.”

But she encouraged parents to not begin practicing co-sleeping, though she recognizes that there may be benefits to bed sharing, it’s best to help kids develop lifelong healthy sleep habits.

Jovovich said for intimacy she and her husband get “creative” by going to a hotel for date night every week.

Watch a clip from the episode below:

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