More than 100 days ago on May 18, 44-year-old Theresa Lockhart of Portage, Michigan, vanished. The high school Spanish teacher was last seen leaving her gym, but the facts around her disappearance have remained a mystery — that is, until now.

Police were first tipped off that Lockhart was missing by her co-workers at Schoolcraft High School on May 20. The strange thing about that, however, is her husband of nine years wasn’t the one to report her missing.

Instead, her husband, Christopher Lockhart, was reportedly uncooperative with authorities. Lockhart’s car was found in a carpool parking lot, but still no sign of her was ever detected.

Lockhart’s sister, Joan Mullowney, told The Huffington Post that Christopher’s attitude about his wife’s disappearance was strange, to say the least:

“He wasn’t very forthcoming with information. To be truthful, he seemed rather lackadaisical in his attitude … definitely not the attitude of a loving husband whose wife is missing.”

Additionally, Deputy Chief John Blue of the Portage Police Department told Fox 17 that because of his attitude alone, Christopher soon became a “person of interest”:

“Right now we have the husband as the person of interest that we are looking at. The basis for this is the fact of the lack of cooperation from the initial report. The initial report was given to us by the school district. Follow-up contacts were not successful as far as getting additional information from him.”

More than 100 days went by without any concrete evidence bringing Lockhart’s loved ones any closer to finding her. But on Tuesday, police discovered a body inside the Lockhart’s home.

It was Christopher’s.

According to NBC News, the 47-year-old was wearing an electronic tag after being arrested in July for driving under the influence. He was set to report to the Corrections Division of the Portage County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday morning, but, according to NBC News, the Department of Public Safety noticed his tag showed he hadn’t moved in several hours.

Police then went to his house to conduct a welfare safety check and, just before 11 a.m., discovered his dead body in the home’s basement. According to reports, he died of strangulation.

During a Wednesday afternoon news conference, according to WWMT, police revealed Christopher committed suicide. He also left a note, which reportedly featured a hand-drawn map that led officials to Lockhart’s body and a handwritten admission to her murder.

According to People, he confessed to murdering his wife and dumping her body 50 miles away in the Allegan State Game Area the next day — just before Lockhart’s co-workers reported her missing.

He wrote he snapped in the middle of an argument they were having on May 18.

Although Lockhart and her loved ones will never get the legal justice they deserve, her body, at the very least, can be properly laid to rest.

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