On October 13, the Daily Mail reported that singer Michael Bublé decided to retire from music two years after his son was diagnosed with cancer.

As Dearly previously reported, Bublé has just begun promoting his new album, “Love.” He even released two singles from the record just last month.

The singer’s album is his first since his son, Noah, was diagnosed with liver cancer. Thankfully, as Bublé’s wife has said in the past, Noah is doing well following treatment.

According to the Daily Mail’s “Weekend,” Bublé reportedly told them that he no longer had the “stomach” for the business:

“I don’t have the stomach for it anymore. The celebrity narcissism. I started to crumble. But then I started to wonder why I wanted to do this in the first place.”

But before allegedly “retiring” from the business, Bublé opened up like he never opened up before about his son’s diagnosis. He told the reporter that his “whole being changed” since, even admitting that “talking about it is therapy” for him.

However, the father of three did say Noah’s story wasn’t his to tell.

Although the singer never fell out of love with music, it was something he needed to put aside for some time while his son fought his battle.

He then said:

“There are three reasons I wanted to do this album. One, because I felt a debt of gratitude, deeper than I can explain, to the millions of people all over the world who prayed for us and showed us compassion. That gave me faith in humanity.

Two, because I love music and feel I can continue the legacy of my idols. And three, because if the world was ending – not just my own personal hell but watching the political turmoil in America and watching Europe break up – there’s never a better time for music. …

This is my last interview. I’m retiring from the business. I’ve made the perfect record and now I can leave at the very top.”

However, following the interview being made public, Bublé’s publicist is now saying that the singer’s words were taken out of context.

Liz Rosenberg told Insider:

“Michael Bublé has absolutely no plans to retire. I wasn’t sitting in on the interview but this must have been taken out of context.

Perhaps as he discussed the different emotions he’s been through these last few years, that thought might have gone through his mind. I assure you with a new album coming out, TV appearances, and a possible tour, he is not retiring.”

Bublé’s new album is set to be released on November 16.

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