Halloween is just days away, meaning some parents are worried about their children’s safety.

From cautionary tales of razors in apples to tainted treats, it’s no wonder parents have cause for concern.

And now, police in Dublin, Georgia have a warning for parents.

Last week, the Dublin Police Department posted a “public awareness announcement” on Facebook advising parents to check through their children’s Halloween candy.

They warned that some of the sweets may not be what they appear.

The department wrote:

Please be aware that the Dublin Police Department is seeing methamphetamine pills in our community. These pills are stamped and resembled to look like specific candies. Please make sure you check your children’s candy and report any suspicions to the Dublin Police Department.

PUBLIC AWARENESS ANNOUNCEMENT:Please look through your child(rens) candies during this holiday season. Any suspicions,…

Posted by The Dublin Police Department on Monday, October 22, 2018

On Monday, police added that they decided to make the announcement after they “seized illegal drugs that had the appearance of some popular children’s candy.”

Although, they said the drug makers often change the appearance of drugs to evade authorities, not to specifically target children.

The updated post read:

While it is not a custom of drug dealers to target children, officers of the department took the initiative to send out a public awareness announcement in order to educate our community as to the existence of this type of drug and its resemblance to children’s candy.

The department said that accidental ingestion of methamphetamine by a child could pose serious health risks.

Police encourage parents to look at Halloween safety tips on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website.

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Meth Pills Shaped Like Halloween ‘Candies’ Pose Serious Risk to Unsuspecting Kids, Police Warn

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