As 22 Words has pointed out, those who watch the first family closely are quick to criticize them.

First Son Barron Trump was publicly shamed for the way he acted during his father’s inauguration. First Lady Melania Trump has been accused of plagiarizing speeches from former first ladies and “stealing” Hilary Clinton’s fashion choices and has been chastised for wearing stilettos on the plane to aid in hurricane relief efforts in Houston.


Now, people are accusing Melania of “borrowing” her signature. This is what the first lady’s signature looks like:

As 22 Words argued, it doesn’t really look like it spells out “Melania Trump.” However, that’s beside the point.

What people are really wondering is if this is really Melania’s signature. It asks that unusual question because of how similar it looks to husband President Donald Trump’s signature:

Here are both of their signatures side by side:


Even to handwriting analyst Sheila Kurtz, the signatures look very similar:

“Hers looks just like his, which is absolutely amazing.”

And Twitter users have been wondering why for quite some time:

Kurtz told Yahoo! Celebrity it’s not necessarily common for a spouse to start writing like their significant other after they’ve spent 10-plus years together.

She believes Melania was taught how to sign her signature so that it somewhat mimics the president’s:

“This is stylized. Maybe they brought someone in to show her how to do it or [it’s] a stamp, but it is definitely stylized.”

Kurtz went on to suggest that Melania’s signature says a few things about who she is as a person:

“When someone writes, and you can’t really read what they’re writing, they don’t want you to read them at all.”

She continued:

“The first [letter], where it goes up into a point, that’s pretty sharp and direct and gets right to it. The downstrokes — those two lines in her last name — those are very sharp.” Those sharp, straight lines indicate that a person is “a sharp thinker, a fast thinker, and picks up information quickly.”

Meanwhile, the president’s signature suggests he’s “very analytical and sharp. He’s blunt — the obvious is all there.” Kurtz added the president’s signature has changed a bit since he started his path toward becoming the president of the United States:

“This is the tallest I’ve seen his signature ever. He has to be out there, he has to be big, he has to be powerful, but he’s clogged up.”

Why Melania may have been taught to sign her signature so that it looks similar to her husband’s is unknown, but it does make you tilt your head and think, doesn’t it?

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