Pop singer Mel B may be gearing up for a much anticipated Spice Girls reunion this summer, but she’s also in the midst of a legal battle with ex-husband Stephen Belafonte.

According to the Daily Mail, Belafonte and the mother of three split in December 2017 after a decade of marriage.

They have one daughter together, 6-year-old Madison. Her ex-husband is also close with her daughter from a previous relationship, 10-year-old Angel.

Belafonte was only given joint custody of Madison, and has been trying to get visitation with his stepdaughter, People reports.

But now, Mel B is fighting back after she heard her ex-husband allegedly showed her children graphic videos.

Mel B/Instagram

On March 1, the mother filed court documents attempting to prevent Belafonte from getting visitation with Angel after her children told her that he showed them “videos of ISIS beheading individuals,” according to the Blast.

Mel B stated in the documents:

When I was not present, Stephen thought it was funny or educational (I still do not know) to play videos of ISIS beheading individuals.

The videos evidently bothered her children, who have brought them up repeatedly since the incident.

Stephen Belafonte/Instagram

She said:

This was entirely inappropriate for such young girls, who do not understand what is happening in the videos. Angel has repeatedly told me about these videos and that she was scared and frightened that Stephen would expose her to such gruesome images.

Mel B’s eldest daughter, 19-year-old Phoenix, said Belafonte showed them the videos when she was 16. Phoenix stated in the documents:

He got us all to watch men being beheaded with chainsaws by ISIS, as we were in the kitchen and he was cooking.

She also said that Belafonte often called her “retarded” and “stupid” while she was in his care, and said he was often “aggressive” towards her younger sisters.

Mel B claimed that Belafonte tried to contact Angel by slipping his phone number into a teddy bear that he gave sister Madison.

A hearing has been set by the court for later this month. Belafonte has yet to publicly respond to the claims against him.

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