It seems like only yesterday when Megyn Kelly was delivering hard-hitting questions on Fox News. But on Monday, the former anchor debuted her first episode of the “Megyn Kelly Today” show on NBC.

According to her opening statements, Kelly is hoping to host laughs, smiles, perhaps a few tears, and hope. But many viewers just aren’t buying it.

As for her intention to create a “unifying” show, HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” pieced together a compilation of footage that’s seemingly quite the opposite of “unifying”:

At one point in Monday’s show, Kelly said, “The truth is, I’m kind of done with politics for now,” but some fans simply couldn’t let go of her years of contentious statements:

Last week, Kelly told The New York Times that the morning show is “the show that I was born to do. This is what I was meant to do.”

However, CNN wrote:

That sense of mission, of purpose, would only seem to ratchet up the self-imposed pressure, as if much more was needed given NBC’s high-stakes investment in her.

After only two days on the air, viewers have hardly been able to get a real sense of Kelly’s talk show host style. However, many reviews haven’t been promising. In fact, a Washington Post review essentially called her a cluster of every morning host that people love:

The debut was like watching a network try to assemble its own Bride of Frankenstein, using parts of Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Ripa and whatever else it can find.

Reviews only mean so much, however, and now Kelly’s fate as a morning show host lies in the hands of fans. Sadly, it’s not looking good thus far.

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