On July 9, Meghan Markle and her sister-in-law Kate Middleton attended a charity polo match to watch their husbands participate.

And much to the delight of their adoring fans, both Meghan and Kate brought their children along.

Many enjoyed seeing Kate interacting with her three children and Meghan cuddling with her and Prince Harry’s first child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Some applauded her effortless mom style, while others adored the sweet kisses Meghan was giving Archie on his forehead.

However, other commenters mom-shamed the 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex for the way she was holding her 2-month-old son:

One naysayer wrote:

Smother, I mean, Mother of the Year award goes to Meghan Markle! Archie looks so uncomfortable. Poor kid. Being used as a prop by her mother.

Another person wrote:

Is it just me or that’s NOT how you’re supposed to hold a newborn? I get anxious simply looking at these pictures. It’s sad that Meghan Markle seems so awkward and uncomfortable around her own son.

However, as parenting expert Lucy Shrimpton told Yahoo! UK, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way Meghan is holding Archie.

“While parents will adopt their own styles of holding and comforting their babies in a range of ways, the way Meghan is pictured holding Archie is actually a commonly recommended hold.”

She continued:

“She is supporting the majority of Archie’s body with her right arm while he rests his head on her chest. Babies are comforted by this position and hearing mom’s heartbeat too. So long as the face is to one side, which Archie’s is, this is a wonderfully soothing way to hold to a baby.”

And like the editor of ChannelMum, Cathy Ranson, explained, this is Meghan’s first time as a mother. It’s completely normal for both Meghan and Archie to have a learning period over his first few months of life:

“Archie is only 2 months old so of course Meghan is still learning. Yes, she looked a little stiff and awkward in some of the pictures, but that’s OK.”

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