Earlier this year, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was diagnosed with one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer, glioblastoma. McCain has been a pillar of the Republican Party, and his diagnosis was a devastating blow to the country.

Naturally, it was an even bigger blow to his daughter Meghan, the newest co-host of “The View.” The 33-year-old has remained fairly transparent with her followers on social media about both her fear and hope for her dad. Like any loving daughter, though, his health battle has been emotional.

On Wednesday, Meghan sat down with former Vice President Joe Biden as he visited the ladies on “The View.”
Her father’s diagnosis is a heartbreak they share in common.

Biden’s son, Beau, passed away in 2015 of the same disease, and the loss rocked Biden’s world. Eventually, the father of four was able to get to a place where he could talk about his loss, and he’s recently been promoting his new book, “Promise Me, Dad.”

Meghan began by acknowledging that talking about Beau’s death would be hard for her considering her father has the same cancer, but nevertheless, the host tried to get through it, saying:

“I couldn’t get through your book. I tried … I’m sorry.”

Meghan referenced that her family has been quite close to the Bidens for years now, and she tried to begin a question. However, she could barely get through a sentence without choking up.

She said:

“I think about Beau almost every day, and I was told — I’m sorry — that this doesn’t get easier, but you cultivate the tools to work with this. I know you and your family have been through a tragedy that I haven’t conceived of.”

Instead of hoping Meghan could compose herself, Biden, like the father figure he is to her, got out of his seat, bent down to Meghan, took her hand, and made it his mission to console her:

“Look, look, look … one of the things that gave Beau courage — my word — was John. You may remember when you were a little kid, your dad took care of my Beau. Your dad … became friends with Beau. And Beau talked about your dad’s courage — not about illness — but about his courage.”

He referenced multiple new medical advances that will help her father — advances that weren’t around when his son was suffering. And he knew exactly how to make her feel better: humor.

He joked that being on opposite ends of the political spectrum from her father, the two have gotten into some heated arguments, saying McCain has come after him “hammer and tong.” The two laughed, and Biden, while still holding Meghan’s hand, said:

“I know if I picked up the phone tonight and called John McCain and said, ‘John, I’m at Second and Vine in Oshkosh, and I need your help. Come,’ he would get on a plane and come.”

Biden is clearly a father figure in Meghan’s life, and setting aside politics and the national TV atmosphere, he exemplified exactly what that means to him. Despite suffering the same exact pain, Biden made sure Meghan knew she wouldn’t have to go through it herself — and the powerful moment surpassed all of life’s differences.

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