Ever since Matt and Amy Roloff divorced and began dating other people, their followers have flocked to their respective social media pages to make sure their opinions are heard.

Because Amy is much more open about her relationship with boyfriend Chris, a lot of hate can be seen in the comment section of her social media pages. However, that’s not to say Matt doesn’t get his fair share of criticism, either.

He just doesn’t post photos of his girlfriend, Caryn, as often.

Following the Thanksgiving weekend, Matt took to Facebook and Instagram to wish his followers a happy holiday season by sharing a rare photo of him and Caryn:

He wrote:

I want to stop and take some time out to wish you all a Happy Holiday season. No matter where you are, I hope you appreciate the little things and special time with your loved ones.

Caryn gave me the okay to post this photo we have from dinner last night here in Arizona. I’ve had a great few days here full of sunshine and R&R but I sure can’t wait to see those grand babies of mine tomorrow. Love Love to You All!

Hundreds of people commented on how nice they look together, including one follower who shared a sweet note about an interaction she witnessed between the two of them while visiting the farm:

Caryn was so sweet when we visited the farm. She was in the middle of getting you to come over for your birthday surprise (and you kept taking off) but still took the time to tell you I was waiting for you to autograph my book.

However, others took the opportunity to comment on Caryn’s intentions.

Many wondered if Caryn got involved with Matt, after being the farm manager for years, for the right reasons:

Caryn broke the Girl Code…

I hope she is not with him for [money].

*cough* gold digger.

She is a gold digging b**** she was the farm manager and took advantage of the situation and she should have stepped backinstead of pushing herself on Matt.

Her official title is farm manager. She knows everything, including financials. I do hope, for his sake and his heart, that she’s sincere.

I totally agree. She does all the budgeting for their businesses right? I suspect she saw the $$ on jumped on him as fast as she could.

She is after the farm.

Just wanted to end this and she’s been working for you Matt for so many years and she knows what you have and what you don’t have I think there’s more behind it then just you and her she’s going after something don’t be stupid Matt.

Another commenter responded to the fact that Caryn needed to approve the photo before allowing Matt to post it, saying:

Well, that just goes to show you how insecure she is. Run… away quickly!

It’s never known for sure what is really going on in someone’s life, no matter how popular they are. However, it’s safe to say that both Matt and Caryn look very happy together in the photo.

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