Reality television star Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn have been dating for quite some time now.

Caryn used to be the manager at Roloff Farms before she started dating Matt after his divorce to ex-wife Amy Roloff.

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Sunshine warms the heart and soul.

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Nonetheless, despite having their lives documented on the show, “Little People Big World,” Matt and Caryn’s relationship has remained fairly private.

However, the couple showed off their fun and flirty side on social media earlier this week while vacationing in Hawaii.

As a joke, Matt posted a photo of him and Caryn on the plane to their destination. Caryn had fallen asleep.

He wrote:

Thank you all the veterans past and present and keep us safe and sound. We honor and salute you! Thanks for your service. Now off for a little post pumpkin season R&R. In a warm sunny climate. Maui here we come.

Many of Matt’s followers joked that Caryn was going to “kill” him for the sneaky picture:

She’s going to kill you matt

I thought oh she’s gonna get you Matt lol

You are in so much trouble….lol

Oh your so dead

I was just thinking Caryn is gonna kill you for this but she will just get revenge….lol

Cute but Matt she needs to get you back good lol!!! Enjoy your vacation!

Even Caryn’s daughter, Brittany, agreed with those commenters:

omg don’t let her see this or you’re in trouble

To which Matt replied saying:

Oh britt. I can do even better then that!!! Lol

However, luckily for Matt, it seems Caryn got a good laugh out of it:

Oh my. Is that what I look like sleeping? Thank goodness I’m not drooling…. be prepared cuz I just might get u back ?

The farm owner responded back saying, “You better not!! Lol.”

Before sending a flirty message to his girlfriend that read:

Btw. I think you’re adorable … when you’re asleep.

How sweet?

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