During the 2016 school year, Allyson Brittany Moran was hired by Stockbridge High School as a long-term substitute teacher.

According to one of her former students, he and Moran started getting close at the beginning of the school year. The now 17-year-old admitted that he would often eat lunch and spend after school hours in her classroom — sometimes alone, sometimes with other students — and that their relationship remained platonic until 2017.

As the teen revealed in his testimony, his relationship with Moran didn’t turn sexual until March of 2017, when they added each other on the popular photo-sharing mobile application known as Snapchat.

The teen described their conversations through the app as “normal” at first, but then they “started talking more in a sexual manner” and sending each other nude photos of themselves.

The following month, during spring break, the teen was reportedly invited over to Moran’s house. According to the Daily Mail, she demanded the teen park his car far from her home, so her neighbors didn’t suspect anything.

At the time, Moran was still living with her husband, Ryan Moran, whom she reportedly married in 2013.

Moran met the teen at the door wearing nothing but a robe. From there, she allegedly led him into a room that resembled a “man cave,” where she stripped and kissed him. She then led him to a room that was located upstairs, where, according to the teen, the two engaged in intercourse.

The teen described to the court how he felt during that first sexual encounter:

“I was so nervous, I was kind of shaky. Then we just talked for a little bit.”

A day or two later, Moran allegedly invited the teen over for a second time. The teen stated that they engaged in intercourse for a second and final time. Following that final meeting, the two went back to communicating via Snapchat “off and on.”

The teen didn’t open up about the encounter until July, when he told his girlfriend about everything that went on between him and Moran. A family member notified the police in August.

Moran was arrested in Illinois, where she had moved at the end of the school year. It’s unclear if she is still married to her husband.

Moran was charged with three counts of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree and one count of criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree. She faces up to 15 years in prison if she is found guilty.

The former substitute teacher is expected to be arraigned on November 8.

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