“Married at First Sight” couple Ben and Stephanie were the only couple to give fans of the UK version of the hit show a glimmer of hope. That was until series three couple announced they are getting a divorce.

They confirmed the split on Thursday night.

The real estate millionaire Ben explained why he and policewoman Stephanie have decided to call it quits.

In a recent radio interview with FuBar Radio’s Stephen Leng and Lizzie Cundy, Ben said:

“Stephanie and I are still friends but I couldn’t give her what she wanted and what she needed, and time is … of the essence.”

Ben told the radio show that things began to change between he and Stephanie when they moved in together. Supposedly, during this time he began to see red flags in their relationship.

He said:

“After the end of the show we were giving it a go, but as my mum said, you don’t know someone until you’ve lived with them.”

It killed Ben to end their marriage, but he says he knew he couldn’t give Stephanie what she needed from him.

Ben explained:

“It broke my heart to do what I had to do, I couldn’t give someone so lovely and so nice what she wanted. She was gutted to be totally honest and she still wanted to try, but it ain’t there, kiddo.”

Praising his estranged wife, he added:

“She’s a lovely girl and I’m still friends with her but I couldn’t give her what she needed, or what she wanted.  She’s a beautiful girl and a phenomenal person.”

Ben admitted that he struggled to adapt to married life with Stephanie — despite the couple living apart immediately after the show.

“I went back to my life, she went back to her life.

One of the things I didn’t like was when she said ‘You’re my husband,’ and I was like, ‘OK, but I’ve got to get to know you first.’”

He said the two were “at the top of the mountain” when they first met but then reality set in — the couple decided they weren’t compatible for marriage.

Looking to the future, Ben revealed he has moved on since breaking off his marriage, and he’s seeing someone else. He said he doesn’t want to hurt Stephanie, but “Why waste someone’s time if it’s not there?”

All ten couples from the widely viewed U.K. series have split.

We’ve seen a steady increase in the number of mainstream dating shows willing to open their doors to couples loving for love. But many of them are ending in heartbreak.

Take, for example, the disappointing “Bachelor” finale that left viewers asking: Does reality dating work?

As Dearly previously reported, “Bachelor” Arie Luyendyk Jr. dumped his fianceé Becca for runner up Lauren, and fans couldn’t believe ABC aired the show.

Yet as Variety reports, ABC has renewed “The Bachelor”; Season 22 of the series averaged 6.3 million viewers per night — slightly down compared to last season’s ratings, but high nonetheless.

What does this tell us? Dating shows continue to make good television from a ratings standpoint — regardless whether the couple actually stays together.

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