After nearly four years of marriage, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner seem to be more in love than ever, despite their unconventional love story.

As their biggest fans already know, the first time Otis and Hehner ever laid eyes on each other was on their wedding day, thanks to the TLC show known as “Married At First Sight.”

Jamie Otis/Instagram

In the four years that they have known each other, the young couple has been through many ups and downs, including the loss of their first son, Johnathan, as well as the birth of their first daughter, Henley, a year later.

As Dearly previously reported, Otis and Hehner fully believe their daughter is a gift from her older brother, who is now their guardian angel watching over them.

And with the birth of a new child comes a lot of firsts, which is why Otis posted this most recent picture of her little family:

Jamie Otis/Instagram

In celebration of Henley’s first St. Patrick’s Day, the proud wife and mom decorated a small space for a quick photoshoot.

It was this one photo in particular that made Otis smile from ear to ear.

One day, when Henley is old enough to understand, Otis and Hehner will have to explain their unconventional marriage story to their daughter. However, despite their unique partnership, their love appears as conventional as it comes.

Jamie Otis/Instagram

Otis wrote on Instagram:

This is random, but seeing her look up and smile as we kiss makes me so happy. To know she is growing up in a home where she witnesses a loving, respectful, kind daddy who makes mommy laugh. And a mommy who falls more in love with her daddy everyday makes my heart happy. Anyone who grew up with the opposite knows exactly what I mean.

As Otis explains on her official website, she became the primary caretaker of her three younger siblings when she was just 19 years old.

Jamie Otis/Instagram

While she doesn’t get into much detail, the now 31-year-old writes that her mom “had some troubles” which led to her being granted custody of her siblings. She continued:

At the time we didn’t have any extended family to depend on. There literally was not one person who came reaching out to help us. So, we just learned to fend for ourselves. And that we did. We grew incredibly strong and close. Because of my experiences with my siblings I wanted to help more children who had issues like us. I began taking foster parenting classes. I became a certified foster parent during my last semester of college. I took in my first foster child at the same time I began my very first job as a Registered Nurse.

Luckily for Henley, and her possible future siblings, it appears as though their home life will be very special and filled with all the love one could ever need.

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