Actor Mark Consuelos and his television mogul wife, Kelly Ripa, have been going strong for nearly 23 years.

The famous duo met on the set of “All My Children” in 1995 and wed the next year. They’ve since welcomed three children together and seem to be living a happy life together.

However, Consuelos recently told Esquire that he’s still learning how to be a good husband to Ripa — even after decades of marriage.

Consuelos explained:

“I’m an incredibly slow learner, so I feel like I’m just getting it. Like ‘Oh, this is what you’re supposed to do,’ or, ‘OK, sometimes yes means no.’ After 23 years, I’m just learning that—so no, I don’t think I could give anybody advice.”

Though the father of three said he shouldn’t give advice, he doled out some wisdom regardless. Consuelos said that many couples he sees just lack patience.

He told Esquire:

“I guess sometimes you see these public marriages end and you wonder, ‘Really? You’re going to quit now? It’s just been a couple of years. Maybe you should try to stick it out.’ It’s kind of great to have a life together with someone. Of course, I’m not supporting staying in a horrible marriage. I’m just saying, if you can, maybe wait until it calms down a little bit. Wait until the magic happens.”

Consuelos added that “magic” can often be found throughout marriage in small moments.

The 48-year-old “Riverdale” star said:

“It happens throughout, I think. It’s the simple moments—the really simple, not extravagant times. I’m just looking at this life that we created together. In a movie, it would be that moment where the husband kind of looks around and is looking at his wife and kids and you’re here, you’re in this beautiful place. And you think, ‘I’m just a kid from Southern Illinois and Tampa. How did I get all of this?’”

In a sweet birthday tribute to her husband last month, Ripa called Consuelos her “heart and soul,” Dearly reported.

Though Consuelos said he’s still learning, it seems the happy duo is one celebrity couple that will stand the test of time.

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