Netflix star and author Marie Kondo has become well-known for her tidy ways, also known as the Kon-Mari method.

Her show, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo,” took the world by storm as she encouraged everyday people to throw away the things that no longer “bring them joy.”

Now, the mom herself is sharing how she effective and efficiently packs her suitcase.

In a video filmed by Apartment Therapy, Kondo shares how clothes should be folded and how everything should have its own place within the suitcase:

As Kondo demonstrates, cords, undergarments, and makeup should all have their own pouches for storage. Shoes should be stored and pack in “shoe bags,” while clothes should be rolled, not folded so that they come out less wrinkled.

Kondo’s method of packing also makes it easier to find things in your suitcase once your destination has been reached.

And like her Netflix show, her fans were in awe of Kondo’s ways:

I love the tip about putting underwear in bra cups!

The only thing i want to learn from her is her patience

Seeing Marie Kondo work her magic makes me feel relaxed. She looks so peaceful and happy. I learned something new today

I think the comments need to realize that Marie isn’t just about being efficient it’s being organized. Sure, I fit more stuff in my suitcase by rolling it and squeezing it and shoving everything into every crack and crevice that I can- I’d never pack like Marie because I’m always trying to shove in as much as I can. But when I arrive at my destination, it’s a pain in the a** to find everything I need quickly. People are saying that this simply looks better, but that’s kind of the point…

What do you think about the way Kondo packs her suitcases? Do find it as efficient as she does?

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