Do you use the bathroom hand towels when you’re a guest in someone else’s home? Whatever your answer, you may be annoying your host.

At least, that’s the logical conclusion to draw from the comments on Keenan Johnson’s Facebook post about decorative towels. After sharing photos of his guest bathroom, Johnson excoriated those who use the hanging towels to dry their hands rather than the paper towels by the sink:

Y’all see these towels?

When you go over somebody’s house, these towels are not for wiping your hands on, these towels are for decorations.

If your hands are wet, you need to use a paper towel, if there aren’t any in the bathroom, you ask the host for a paper towel.

From Johnson’s perspective, it’s a simple issue of good manners:

Stop drying your hands off on my good towels. My granny and momma taught me that a long time ago. Stop playing with my decorations.

If you aren’t sure whether you’re looking at the kind of towels meant for decoration, Johnson points to the obvious clue in a comment:

I mean for goodness sake they match my shower curtain, if you can’t pick up the fact that they’re all matching for the same reason, then you hold your piss and pee when you leave my house.

The 85,000 shares on Johnson’s post made it clear that the etiquette of guest towels is a hot-button issue. And there were many who agreed it was common sense not to use the fancy towels in a host’s bathroom.

However, others were confused at the concept of off-limits towels.

And several suggested it might be a cultural difference.

What do you think? Are decorative towels off-limits for hand drying? Is there a way to know whether or not to use a host’s towels? Or are towels there to be used, regardless of how well-coordinated they are with the decor?

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