On Friday, an unnamed patron at a Portland, Maine, grocery store simply wasn’t paying attention as he routinely grabbed a shopping cart to start shopping.

According to Time, however, that was a big mistake.

The inattentive shopper mistakenly took a shopping cart which was reportedly holding a sleeping baby in a car seat. Portland police said once the shopper realized what he’d done he was mortified, but rather than try and find the baby’s parent/guardian, he simply left the cart where he was and never alerted anyone.

Instead, he just grabbed a different cart and continued to shop.

But people soon realized that a baby was missing, and the entire store was reportedly locked down.

Police soon learned what the man did, confirmed his story with video surveillance, and determined his actions did not call for any charges to be pressed.

Although the ordeal was every parent’s worst nightmare — not to mention every absent-minded food shopper’s — the baby never once woke up during the incident. As far as missing children stories go, this one ended as the very best-case scenario.

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