Police arrived at the home of Jerome Ernest Wright, 32, last Friday after being notified of a “foul smell.” Wright’s mother, Della Rosalie Wright, who lived with her son, had reported it, according to The Miami Herald.

When police searched Wright’s home, they described the scene as something reminiscent of the film “Silence of the Lambs.” As Della drew nearer to Wright’s bedroom with the police in tow, he left the room “naked and sweaty,” stating he had a stomachache.

When they entered the bedroom, police said they found “body fluids on a trash can and on a mattress.” Inside the closet, they discovered a “badly mutilated body.” A decomposed leg was poking out.

Della told police Wright had told her the smell was the result of when:

“[H]e saw a rat in his room, had diarrhea and that the dog defecated on the floor.”

His story changed when police inquired further, telling them that whatever they saw in his room “was not real” and that there was a “life-size blow-up doll in the closet.” He also said the doll was made of flesh. He then added he hadn’t seen his girlfriend, Deanna Clendinen, 52, in five months. He kept saying:

“[I]f you find something in my room it’s from the internet.”

However, police determined the decomposing body belonged to Clendinen. The body also had a large “laceration across her midsection.” Police noted “several of her internal organs were missing” and later located them in a garbage bin near Wright’s home.

Prior to discovering Clendinen’s mutilated body, Wright was already on probation for an arrest in March for aggravated battery against his girlfriend. He has now been arrested and further charged with abusing a dead human body.

As of now, the above is the only charge against Wright. Although Wright denied murdering his girlfriend, The Miami Herald reported that a murder charge may still be in the books.

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