Musician and popular YouTuber Hobbie Stuart was terrified last year when he first found out a woman he had a one-night-stand with was pregnant with his twins.

In a recent video, the 27-year-old explained that he didn’t think he was ready to be a father.

But over time, he became extremely excited by the idea and was overjoyed when he found out he was having a boy and a girl. He told his viewers it was “everything [he] always dreamed of.”

But when it came time for the twins to arrive, he learned the horrifying truth.

Hobbie Stuart/YouTube

Stuart always knew something was off with the mother of his twins, he said the recent video blog.

Though the two decided to maintain a platonic relationship, he wanted to be supportive and go to ultrasound scans and check-ups with her.

But she always found reasons to cancel or move the appointments. At one point, she claimed she didn’t go to the doctor because her father passed away.

Stuart said he didn’t press further out of sympathy and still invited the woman to meet his family, who welcomed her with open arms.

As her “baby bump” grew, Stuart geared up for the twins’ arrival. He often posted video blogs to show off baby clothes and discuss their possible names.

But when the day of her scheduled C-section came around — the mother vanished.

Stuart said he headed to the hospital where she was supposed to give birth, but they said she wasn’t a patient there. And he couldn’t get ahold of her on the phone, Cosmopolitan reports.

He said on YouTube:

“I was just really confused. The hours went by of me just waiting there, thinking she was going to get in contact.”

Hobbie Stuart/YouTube

He went to the apartment complex where she claimed she lived, but they said that there was no pregnant woman residing there.

Panicked, Stuart filed a missing persons report.

According to his video blog, he awoke the next morning to a message from the police saying she was safe, but there was no information on his kids.

That’s when the mother of his children finally responded to his frantic messages and calls, he explained in the video.

She said that the babies had been born and one was in intensive care, but still didn’t tell him where he could come see them.

He started to worry that she was going to “run off” with them.

So he sent a friend to speak to her family at their home, who informed him that her father was still very much alive.

And strangely, he didn’t know that his daughter was pregnant in the first place. Stuart explained:

“He said there were no children, and they were both just mad confused.”

Hobbie Stuart/Instagram

Stuart started to investigate further and ran a reverse image search on the ultrasound scans the woman had sent him of their “twins.” And to his horror, they actually belonged to a random woman who posted them online.

Through all of the confusion, he started to realize what was really going on — the twin babies “didn’t exist.” He said in the video:

“Everything that she had told me, and everything that I’d thought was happening for the last seven, eight months was a lie.

It was so surreal and deeply disturbing. In my mind I was going to be a dad and I was ready, and I had been thinking about it and preparing for it for most of the year. And then from one day to the next I find out it’s all over.”

Stuart said her family was deeply apologetic about the situation, but the woman hasn’t admitted to faking the pregnancy.

She continued to change her story, sometimes saying that she miscarried them and other times posting photos of babies to her social media accounts, he said.

Faking pregnancy can sometimes indicate a mental health problem or even be a result of pseudocyesis, better known as a phantom pregnancy, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

Women affected by pseudocyesis believe they are pregnant and may experience normal pregnancy symptoms, including morning sickness, backache, and a growing belly. Some doctors believe it may be caused by past trauma.

Though it’s unclear if the woman had the condition.

For now, Stuart said he’s just doing his best to move on and said he doesn’t “hate her” for what she did.

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